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Today I am actually watching one of my favorite judges on TV, Judge Leon and the People’s Court. And it says something about wedding photo failure or wedding photo disaster, something like that. So I did one already on videography, I did one on DJ.

So this one will be photography and I’m going to see exactly what they’re suing about. I am going to give my opinion and the reason why it’s my opinion is because I am not a lawyer. I am not a member of the bar. Check this out: Wedding Photographer SUED on People’s Court

Wedding Photographer SUED on People’s Court

So I am not giving you any type of legal advice. I am just a guy that has a company that likes to watch court shows and we do photography for weddings. So this is all interesting to me. I get to share my opinion and my experience.


So let’s go ahead and check out. So I’m going to read exactly what is going down now. The plaintiff says she hired the defendant to take photos at her wedding. But she claims the color was off and her skin looks too patchy.


It appears as though she had third degree burns. She’s suing for the money she paid the defendant as well as emotional distress. We’ll get in that to a minute. The defendant says he could re edit the photos but she’s dealing with some but he’s dealing with some computer issues.


I did my little drum roll because I love how people attach emotional distress to. Pure contracts case. This is a contract case. You paid the photographer to do photos. The photographer did a crappy edit job.


I’m assuming it’s editing because if it’s something with the actual images themselves, then it’s a terrible photographer. And you are actually a brilliant photographer because it’s hard to make someone’s skin look patchy without doing something in post production.


So anyway, so it’s a contract’s case. The photographer took pictures, did a crappy edit job, and now my brain hurts. So you got to pay me more money. No, you paid for this contract. The contract says that I am paying you X amount of dollars to provide this service.


You didn’t provide this service. So you get the money that you paid back. If you go to a restaurant and it’s for, let’s say, you just had a baby or it’s a wedding and they don’t have food and you paid for the food, you don’t get emotional distress.


You get the money you paid for the food. If you go rent a car and they don’t have a car, you get the money you paid for the car. You don’t get emotional distress. I’m not going to keep going on with these examples.


I can go on forever. It’s a wedding. I get it. I understand. We do weddings all the time. You trust me. I get it. I get how much stress it is planning a wedding. I get that. But because the person is not who you thought they were, or because they do a job that you thought they were going don’t do a job that you thought they were going to do, then you don’t get extra money, basically, is what it is.


I did this work for nothing, so I get extra money. That’s really not the way it works in any industry. So, anyway, off my soapbox there, we’re going to go back into this video so we can click on Y’all bow, and we are going to check the video out itself.


Third degree burn. I don’t know what he did with those photos, but that’s crazy. And if that wasn’t bad enough, her eyes are all squinty. The defendant is now ignoring her. She’s very upset and can’t sleep at night and is suing for $2,800 the money she paid him.


Plus emotional distress at emotional distress because. She can’t sleep at night. Okay, let’s see what the defendant has to say. This is the defendant, Harry Bates, Jr. He says he took over 900 pictures on the plaintiff’s big day.


Okay. When he sent her the proof, she wasn’t happy with his artistic touches, such as blurring out the backgrounds and things like that. How would you blur out the background? He could re edit them, but it would take a bit of time, and that’s when she freaked out.


Next thing he knows, he’s being sued. Next thing you know, he did a great job. I love it. I love it. Next thing I know, I’m getting a surprise lawsuit. Yeah. Because I was going to do this stuff, but then all of a sudden, I got hit with the lawsuit, so I don’t know what to do.


Judge all right, so here we go. Let’s see what Judge Milan has to say. Rudy Hart, did you bring your husband to court today as your date? You got married on August 18 of last year. Correct. All right.


You hire Mr. Bates as you’re a photographer? Yes. Are you a professional photographer? Not really. But you get paid to do a job that by default makes you a professional. If you’re not going to call yourself a professional, then do it for free.


Are you a professional? Kind of. Sort of, maybe. So what the hell is that? Dude, you either do it for, but I dabble. Dabble? What’s your day job? I’m a barber. A barber. And then how many weddings have you done so far?


I’ve probably done a total of 1010. I not saying that that’s a bad number, but I think that the cost should be commiserate with your experience and of course the company. I don’t know exactly what the amount of the contract we’ll get to that, but if he’s done ten weddings, then I would not expect to pay over like 500, $600 maybe for him being there, let’s say 8 hours.


He said he delivered 900 photos. So that’s my thought, is that if he’s done ten weddings, then he’s a $500 photographer or something like that. Also depends on the equipment as well. So that’s just my thoughts.


All right. So how did you hear about him? Well, my husband referred him to me, but prior to that, my husband and I attended a few weddings that he was actually at. So all ten are in your family or friend circle?


Apparently. If you passing them around, then you know what you’re getting. What’s the problem? Done. What’s the problem? All right, you know what you’re getting. So you come into an agreement with him.


Is there anything in writing between you guys? Yes. May I see whatever you have in writing? This is the perfect time for me to dollars. Always have a signed contract, a meeting of the minds in writing, two signatures.


Always? Always. Always have a signed contract. Please have a signed contract. Without that, then it’s basically, he said, she said. There’s nothing in writing. Get it in writing. So what were you supposed to get for your $1,400?


What? He done ten weddings. How long is it going to be there? Four days. You done ten weddings. Okay, well, whatever. That’s fine. That’s fine. $1,400 is what the client paid, so she doubled it. So I feel that I’m emotionally distraught to double the amount.


So I’ll talk about that in a minute. I’m not going to say that right now because I want to see what Judge Million says. Over 200 photos. Over 200 photos. Not really an actual number of my wedding. 250.


This says 250. Okay, so he’s supposed to get 250 photos and he delivered 900. Okay. What you meant okay, also eight by ten. What’s written here? Two of them? Yeah, I’m trying to two, eight by tens and a photo book.


Does that sound right? Exactly. Okay, so that might be one of the reasons why the cost is a little bit higher than what I would expect. So let’s say 500 for the photo book, so that’s about 900. I still think they overpaid for the photography if he’s done ten weddings, but that’s my thought.


So what’d you get? Nothing. I guess I’m confused about your testimony, because in your complaint, you say everybody looked terrible. So you did see wedding pictures. I did see them. Right. So you didn’t like the editing, like, whatever coloring was horrible.


I’m a light skinned sister. You’re not light skinned. My sister. You are not light skinned. Rihanna’s light skinned. You are. Close to my complexion. I don’t consider myself light skinned, but if he made you super dark, then that’s something different.


But you are not light skinned. Light skinned. They had patches on my face. My father’s, my tone also, he had patches on his face. I immediately sent this to my husband and he looked did he send you a link with the picture?


Okay. And everything? I have a copy of that. The link I’m no longer able to get on. What’s going on with the link? Well, with the pictures, you only have a specific amount of time to hold them up there.


And then when that time passes, what do you have to do? I have to re put them back up there. But I had other people pictures that were in line to be put up there too. That’s a bunch of crap. Yes, we use a third party hosting site as well.


We use a third party hosting site for all of our photos. And we’ve scoured and scoured and tried to find the best hosting site. And we use a company called Nvue photographers out there. If you are looking for a third party hosting site, or even friends and family that are looking to a place to host your photos, in View is fantastic.


For us, we do have the highest paid package for In View. But with us, what we are able to do is we’re able to archive all of the photos. So let’s say I don’t how long the time passed. Actually, a perfect example.


We had a client from 2016. Today is July 2, 2022. We had a client from 2016 had an issue happen. They had. I’m not going to get into the specifics, but they don’t have their pictures anymore and so they asked if we were able to provide them with their photos and all we did is we contacted In View and said, hey, we’re looking to get these photos out of the archive.


Can you do that? They said yes. The fee for us to provide these photos is X. Pay this fee and then we will take them out of the basically because they take them off the immediate server and they put them on the archiving server.


So it has to go back six years or whatever it is. And so we did that and we were able to provide these photos for the client. So usually when it’s something closer, like if the wedding was in January, our clients typically have three months to get the photos, pick their pictures for their album or any prints or anything that we’re supposed to do.


And then if they don’t because it’s server space so it’s just like a cloud like Google Drive or Dropbox or anything like that, then other clients he’s right, other clients do come in on top of that. So if you want to continue to have these older photos available, then you have to pay for that.


In a case like his, I would have paid myself, I would have paid the fee to keep it on there for another three or four months so we can get this editing conundrum taken care of because obviously they’re unhappy with the way the photos are.


We’ve had other instances where a client just is taking a long time. They have other things going on, personal or whatever. They just have things going on and they haven’t had time to take a look at the photos and choose the photos.


In a case like that they would have to pay that hosting fee because it’s not an issue on our end, it’s something going on with them. But either way, something within six months, if it’s on that server or it’s in that cloud, then yeah, you might have to pay a little bit.


Reactivate it, but it’s not something where, oh, my God. I have other clients, and so I didn’t have time to do it. It’s literally almost like a click of a button. Do you want to pay to extend this? Yes, I do.


Okay. Boom. Here’s the amount done. And that’s what I did. I put their pictures just as well. I gave her the link so she can see the pictures now. She says she didn’t like the edit, and when I did that initial edit, I edited 900 pictures.


Your honor, she said, can you reedit them? What did she not like? I guess she didn’t like the resolution. I have some of the pictures right. Here, some of the samples, if you want to see them. Okay. Where are all of the pictures right now?


All of the pictures on a hard. Drive at the house. Dude, are you serious? Cloud that stuff. I’m sorry. I don’t know when this happened, so let me just take myself back. I don’t know when his was, but dude, cloud, man.


I mean, yes, we have our manual backup. Our backup of the backup is a hard drive, just in case, so we always do that. But it’s on the cloud, man. Did you bring it? No, I didn’t. Why not? Exactly? Because the hard drive that I have is kind of again, it’s kind of corrupt.


Transfer it. Kidding me. Are you kidding me? Oh, the hard drive that I have it on, it’s kind of bad, so I didn’t think that maybe, possibly I might want to transfer it to a good one. Dude, put it on two hard drives.


Three. Good God. Here, bro. I’m sorry. Do you have the pictures from our wedding or you don’t? I have them, but they’re on the hard drive, and the hard drive is corrupt, so I got to bring it. To get it fixed.


So you don’t have the pictures busted. You’re terrible, dude. But I have some examples in favor of the plaintiff in the amount that. You paid as we’re standing right here. You may have lost all the pictures from her wedding.


Yes, it’s a possibility. I had them backed up on my computer too as well. And so why computer is not even working right. Computer wasn’t working right. I brought that to get fixed and that wasn’t working.


You’re full of crap. So we think they’re in there. I did the pictures. I did the pictures. I don’t care what you did to the photos. I don’t care that you spent five months making these photos beautiful.


Your hard drive is corrupt. Your computer is broken. So that means you don’t have the photos. Judgment for the plaintiff. In a nice time. You did the pictures. And then the bride gets to say change this or that.


She’s not stuck eating what you gave her. So then she did that. And then what happened? I changed some pictures. And then where did they go? Well, I received a notice to come to court. Oh my God. Okay.


Wow. Really? How long did you take to edit the photos? Judge, I was just hitting save and I got this summons to come to court. What a surprise. How long did it take you to edit the photos? We should be able to see the pictures.


Let’s see the pictures. All of them. Right now. I want pictures. That’s a problem for me. It’s a problem for me too. Your answer can’t be the dog ate my homework. No, you’re responsible for a lot of pictures.


Only with any luck wedding with any luck in there only no caveat. Milian and tell me. Oh, my hard drive is corrupt. My computer working. That’s why you’re my favorite is kind of lame. Kind of 100%. Wow.


Were you able to download any of the pictures that he I didn’t. And I should have. I wish I did. Yes. I didn’t because I mean, I’m not even sure. Site that you put them on. Is that a third party site or is it your site?


I didn’t create the site. Right, okay. Yeah. So you should be able to get. Those sites of it or they wouldn’t keep it. That I do not know. Okay. So I’m going to recant my statement. I’m going to recant rare that it happens.


You’re not a professional. It that’s it you charge money, but you’re not a professional. You should be an amateur. You should not pay or be paid to do any photography. You’re an amateur. If you’re using this third oh, the third party that I’m using, maybe kind of, sort.


I’m not sure if they have it or not. Like, dude, you’re not a professional. You’re an amateur. Then treat your business as such. Don’t get paid. Haven’t checked into that. But how do you not check into it?


I might say no. How do you lose the pictures? How do you come to court empty handed without the actual pictures? Why don’t you have all 900 pictures here? I don’t have them. I have this iPad, though.


Pictures you do have. I just don’t understand. We’re going to court. Court, exactly. The pictures. Why didn’t you get the hard drive fixed or your computer fixed when you first got served with the lawsuit?


That’s what I was trying to do, Your Honor. I bought the hard drive to get fixed. Oh, my God. That’s what I was trying to do. So, um, I don’t know how many people out there are familiar with, I guess, the legal process.


Again, I’m not a lawyer. I’m only speaking from experience. When you get served with a lawsuit, you don’t go to court the next day. There is time in there for you to basically prepare your case and then if you aren’t prepared, you can ask for a continuance, you can ask for a new date, so that shouldn’t be a surprise.


I was trying to get the hard drive fixed and it wasn’t fixed, so I just decided to come here and show you this iPad that has like seven photos on it and what do. You mean trying to do they get in, they get it fixed, you pick it up a week later, right?


Exactly. Milian’s hitting them with the Yoda or is it Shifu? I forget which one. It’s either Yoda or Shifu from Kung Fu Panda. Sifu from Kung Fu Panda. It says there is no try, only do. I wish it was that easy.


But why isn’t it that easy? Exactly. Couldn’t fix it as of yet. What about your computer, sir? Computer is no longer relevant. That doesn’t what do you mean the. Computer is no longer relevant? I thought you could have the photos.


In the I had to buy a whole new computer. Get the hard drive off the computer. Get the hard drive off the computer. Pictures from a wedding, which you can’t have back, and that old computer may have it in them.


Is that true or not true? Did I misunderstand you? So what’s happening with that old computer? That old computer is no longer working. So get the hard drive off the computer? No. Did you ever take that to the recovery people?


Brought that to the people to see if they can fix it. They cannot fix. Hard drive. Is this the first you’ve heard that the pictures are gone? Yeah, totally gone. Yeah. I do have one picture that I took a picture of on a website.


I don’t know why he just didn’t download it. I don’t know why, but I do. Have the he did. According to him, it’s in a hard drive that’s corrupted. Yeah, but that can be retrieved, can it? Sometimes it can and sometimes it can.


I don’t know, prove it. But he didn’t. Do you have proof? You even took it in? That’s what I want. I don’t have what difference is it going to make to us, right? What we want are the pictures. I do. Welcome back to the People’s Court of Harvey Levin here.


Oh, my God. I guess this is more time for me to rant. God, this guy is so frustrating. I cannot stress photographers out there. I cannot stress how important it is to safeguard the client’s photos. Those are the most important.


Even if they’re crappy photos, even if you’re an amateur photographer and you’ve never really done this, it is so very important. Please safeguard those photos. Our photographers use cameras that have two card slots, so cameras now are no longer using film.


There may be some photographers that are still using film, but for the most part, everyone is using a DSLR, a digital single lens reflector camera. And what that does is, in the old days, you had to worry about the film not opening the door until the film was all the way wound up, because then the light would expose it and mess up the image.


And now we use card, so you don’t have to worry about that. Well, the cameras that we have have two card slots. So card slot number one is inserted, or card number one is inserted in slot number one.


Card number two is inserted, inserted into card slot number two. I’ll get this out, and when they take a picture, they’ll go click, and what happens is the images are saved on both cards at the same time.


So if something happens with card number one, we have card number a backup. And then from there, what we do is we take it off of the when we get back from the event, then we go to our computer pretty much immediately, I would say, if not that night, by the next morning.


And our photographers take the. Card, typically the primary card, and they copy it onto a hard drive that we call our Archive hard drive. And that is where all of the photos basically live there as a backup.


Again, just in case. Then whenever our photographers want to edit the photos, then what they do is they go to the Archive hard drive and and copy from the Archive hard drive onto the computer that they’re going to be editing with and they save them on that computer.


So the archive is just for basically that transfer and then it’s there just in case something else happens. But it’s an Archive hard drive. We don’t edit on that hard drive. We don’t do anything else on that hard drive.


And then once we’re done editing those photos, then we save the edit onto that archive hard drive so we have the originals and we have the edits. And then we then deliver it over to our third party hosting and get that over to our clients as well.


So, like I said, please, photographers out there, if you’re amateur, if you’re not doing photography, consistently spend. I was actually on Amazon the other day and two terabyte hard drive is about $50.


And that one, you can just buy that hard drive. And that is your Archive hard drive. And you don’t do anything with that hard drive. You just take the pictures, save them on there, but you’re done you put it in a safe area so that it doesn’t get messed with.


We personally use our cloud. So then once we edit the photos and we put them onto the server, then that is our cloud archiving as well. So we have that. So again, we’re able to. Go back without actually touching that archive hard drive unless the cloud gets sabotaged somehow.


So anyway, I said all this to again, just repeat. Photographers, please be very serious when it comes to the client’s photos. Like, there is nothing worse and I don’t care. I mean, we can talk about this if anybody wants to put it down in the comments or talk about this offline the crappy food, horrible DJ wedding crasher, getting a fight at the there’s a fight.


Bride and groom have a fight at the wedding. The one video that I did where the where the videographer created a terrible video, all of those instances pale in comparison to not having a single photo from your wedding.


That is devastating. And if you can just kind of just imagine that that you have all these memories that you’re expecting and then you find out that you get zero, that has got to be the most defeated feeling ever.


Luckily, I don’t have to say firsthand with myself or with the company here, but I can just imagine there is no worse outcome that can happen. Everything else that I mentioned before, again, terrible J, horrible food, all that stuff, that’s bad.


But you still have photos. He did a terrible edit job. Yeah, it’s terrible. Let’s talk about how much you get because of the terrible edits. But you still have photos here. You have nothing. It’s crazy.


All right. So I’m off my soapbox here. I know I spent a lot of time with this, but I just want to make sure I just talk with the photographer just for a second. Especially the amateurs, the ones that are getting into wedding photography.


All right, now let’s see what Judge Milan has to say. Do you have proof you brought it in? I don’t have a slip with me. Where’d you bring it? A place out in Bristol, Connecticut. What’s the name of the place?


I can’t recall right now, your honor. I don’t understand. Because you’re a liar. You did what you did liar. And then you take it someplace. Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. I don’t know the name of the place I took it.


You don’t care. Exactly. If you cared, you would have taken it to one place, and if they couldn’t do it, you would have taken it to another place, and if they couldn’t do it, you would be looking for a solution.


That’s why you’re an amateur, bro. Testimony. That’s why you’re an amateur. Don’t care. Care. You don’t care. You’re going to care. Now I think she’s going to get that 28. Honestly, I was saying nah beforehand where he cut them off, I say he cut them off.


I don’t see the blotchiness, but you look beautiful. Thank you. I like the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses. They look beautiful. Everybody looks happy. No one knew what was going to. Happen here today for sure.


Yeah. Does she have these pictures? No. She does now. The first pictures I sent to her. So I just sent them to you. I didn’t know whether you had them or not. That’s what I’m talking about. She’s like, I’m just going to send these.


I have no words to describe how disarribal you are. You are a horrible person. I am in your testimony on what you’re telling me has happened. The carelessness with which you have not. Just carelessness like you just blatant moment not Karen.


You don’t care, man. You don’t care. Don’t be a wedding photographer. Get that history back. Don’t be a wedding photographer. If you’re a barber, stick to being a barber for sure. If you can’t figure out how to.


Have lineup is tight. Someone’s most important life moment saved competently. And in many different places so that this kind of catastrophe doesn’t happen. No business photographing people’s weddings.


I’m just stunned. What’s the name of that site where you uploaded the pictures to? Pixie set. Give them a call and see if. Maybe order the photographer to do it. You do it. Don’t trust this guy. And they don’t have any they can’t do it.


It’s got to be him. Let me explain something. You’re going to walk out of here with exactly every penny you’re asking. You should never have to make that call. You should never have to sue someone for pictures.


You should never learn for the first time at the People’s Court that every picture from your wedding by your photographer. Has evaporated air quotes on you. Air quote. You should never be in that position.


Verdict for the plaintiff. $2,800.01 400 for every penny you paid him and 1400 for your emotional distress. And mine. That’s what I’m talking about, dummy. Let’s see what else the judge finds for the plaintiff.


Let’s see what he has to say for himself. Just ask you a quick question. Trying to leave? Let me just do just lowered the boom on you. Thank you. Yes, she did. What are you thinking right now? I was trying to speak, but I guess my words is going unheard.


You embarrassed. Word. Life happens. What can you do? You should be embarrassed. No. Yeah, you should be embarrassed, bro. Life happens. There’s nothing you really can do. What are you talking about?


Technological advancements probably. I’ll find a way to retrieve but right now I can’t. Dude, do your best. That’s all you can say. I appreciate that. Thank you very much. There’s a couple of things I’m going to talk about here, but dude, you are garbage.


You are garbage. I’m not going to say this guy’s name. She’s already said it, but this guy is trash. I’m glad it turned out the way it did. However, I’m absent from high pitchers. That’s what I want.


I do. Absolutely. I don’t know what else you could do. Absolutely. Get married all over again. Try that again. Absolutely. Have a different photographer there for sure. Do a redo. Yeah, it’s possible.


Anyway, good luck to you. Hope you can find call that website. I think I will. See what luck you have. Definitely. Good luck to you. Thank you so much. Good luck to you too. Thank you very much. Harvey okay.


Doug well, let’s see what harvey this is especially nice because it sounds like he’s making this whole thing up about computers. For sure. A couple of things that I wanted to talk about, about this verdict here that Judge Millian gave is that she offered the 1400 for every penny that they paid.


And the reason why you were like, well, he was there. He took the photos. Right. But as a photographer, the expectation is to deliver a product. You deliver the photos. He did not deliver pretty much any photos.


He had a couple there. Basically, he said, I’ll give you 250. Well, I showed her 900. Right? We showed her 900. But where are those 900? Did you download it? No. Okay, well, let’s get them. So there is that part of it is that you didn’t deliver the photos.


Like, if you hire a chef and the chef spends all day cooking and then, you know, burns the food or whatever, and then they can’t deliver the food to you, then you don’t pay them. You get your full money back because they did not deliver a product.


Same thing with the photography. The other part that I think worked didn’t work in his favor. This photographer here. Professional photographer, like Judge Millian said, is that he showed indifference about it even when he asked him.


Do you feel ashamed? Like, no, it happens. No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t happen, dude. It doesn’t. We do hundreds, hundreds of weddings per year. It doesn’t happen unless you allow it to happen. So technological advances would have maybe I could have done something different, dude.


So I guess what I was kind of just going trying to say is that if he would have acted like he cared, like, yeah, I’ve tried to get a hold of him. I’m still trying, but I just need a little bit more time.


But I wanted to come to court and show you my progress. I wanted to show owe you something. Judge, besides an iPad with twelve photos, she might have been a little bit different. I forget what you call it.


Like judgment set aside. Or your judgment will be based on the next outcome. You have 60 days to contact Pixie, whatever the hell it is, and see if you get to the photos retreat. And if you can, then I’ll only order a judgment of half.


Right. But if you can’t, then I’m ordering the whole 2800. Or you have, again, 60 days to speak with this company that’s trying to fix your hard drive that’s corrupt. And if you’re able to get it fixed and you’re able to get them the photos, then we will set aside this judgment, will rule in this favor.


We will have another trial date, even like, okay, well, obviously you’ve tried, and right now you’re just waiting on this third party, and I see your correspondence with them and I see how they are responding back to you.


So I do see you need a little bit more time. So I will grant. At the end of the day, we want the client to get their photos, but he was just like, I don’t know who I sent it to someplace in someplace in my town.


And they do this stuff right? And so it’s like, okay, well, if you don’t care, I don’t care. So if you don’t care, let’s go ahead and drop this 28 on you. And then, like I said, he was just saying these things like, oh, well, life happens.


Life doesn’t happen. You are the reason. Like, if you would have just done one thing differently, then you wouldn’t be in this situation, and you ignored them. Communication. Like this defendant said, things do happen, and the worst thing to do is to ignore people, to ghost folks, because when you do that, then they think the worst.


When our clients ghost us or when my friends ghost me, I think the worst. I’m like, oh, man, I guess he doesn’t want to hang out with me. When in actuality, they could have been in a bad situation, and they just didn’t want to talk about it.


But you think the worst. The same thing with the client. The client’s thinking, this guy is just ignore me. He doesn’t want to do any more of my work. He just took my money, and he doesn’t care about me anymore.


When no, I’ve been trying to find this company to fix my corrupt hard drive, or I’ve been getting my computer fixed. And that was the other thing, too. He’s like, My computer doesn’t work anymore, so that computer doesn’t matter, but you put it on that computer.


So take the hard drive. What world are you living in? You have computer. The computer has a hard drive. So even if the motherboard crashes and all your Ram explodes, the hard drive is still there. You can still retrieve files, but you’re not even trying.


You’re just like, no, I tried to get it fixed, but it’s not fixable. So I just bought another computer. Okay, well, what about the stuff that was on there? If my computer dies right now, I’m like, oh, man, I got to get this video that I just recorded that goes up on YouTube.


So I’ll just grab the hard drive, transfer it onto another hard drive, or transfer it onto another computer. This guy is garbage. So, anyway, as I said, as I’m watching this video, that Judge Milion is going to give them all their money.


Pain and suffering is usually not something that happens in contracts cases, unless you piss the judge off, basically, is what it boils down to. She was pissed about that, and so she can justify giving you pain and suffering.


So there is that. But as I said, I am not a lawyer. I don’t give legal advice. I’m just the dude that runs a company that provides photography as well as videography and DJ, and I really enjoy watching court shows.


And Judge Milan, I’ve said it before, you are by far my favorite. Don’t make you chase what did she say? Don’t make me chase you as one of my favorite lines that she says.

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