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Planning a Small Wedding in Fargo


Planning a Small wedding


Isn’t it a weird feeling, that after everything that has happened in 2020, we are less than one month away from a new year. If you were so lucky to be able to go to a wedding this year, odds are it was a small Fargo wedding compared to what may have been previously planned. Well we are here to show that there is nothing wrong with a small wedding, and even some ways that you can plan your small wedding in Fargo while preparing for the unknown status of 2021. Let us take you thru a journey and provide some fun alternatives to help keep a small wedding fun and exciting, while also involving people who may not have been able to come.


Live Streaming


Grandma, Grandpa, Mother, Father and all family members are just as excited to come to the biggest day of your lives. Unfortunately some wont be able to make it due to restrictions or health complications. Luckily there is a great option for them to view your wedding from afar! LIVE STREAMING is a perfect way for anyone you choose, to be able to view your wedding in real time, and enjoy the splendors of joy no matter how far they are away.

Complete Interactive

Complete Interactive is a new product for 2021 which we believe will enhance your small Fargo wedding for years to come.

What sets our DJs apart is our ability to engage and interact with your guests.
We do not just play music; we create memories that last a lifetime.
• Our DJs will project a “Social Wall” on a screen and instruct guests on how to
upload pictures and messages in real time. Your guests are actively creating a
slideshow for you during your cocktail and/or dinner hour.
• Want to play a game during dinner? We will post a poll of songs that guests can
vote on to determine a request that will be played later in the evening. Our DJ will
emcee this experience for your guests.
• Right before your first dance, our DJs introduce the “Wedding Party Feud” which
faces the bridesmaids off with the groomsmen to discover who knows the couple
better by using responses from guests on the screen.
• At any point, our DJs can utilize various themes of trivia to entertain the

Our Advice


While having a small wedding may seem unwanted sometimes, it can be the most rewarding, as this gives you as the bride or groom, the opportunity to really get to appreciate all those that have come to your wedding. This opens the door to more personable conversations with everyone that came, and get those precious moments with family and friends that may have come from far away.

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