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How to Choose Your Wedding Date

How to Choose Your Wedding Date


Choosing the perfect wedding date requires a bit of luck, intuition, and research. In this blog, the Complete team will help you with some tips on how to choose your wedding date. While a fun easy-to-remember date may be ideal, the time of year and availability of vendors might not work. Here are a few things to think through before making your decision final when choosing your wedding date.

Choosing a wedding date should be the first decision that you make as a newly engaged couple. This will impact every other aspect of your big day. You may already have some ideas about what you want your wedding to look like, such as having an idea of where the ceremony will be, what you want your cake to look like, and the style of photography you like. However, until you decide the date of your wedding it’s hard to get any of the other details lined up. At this point maybe you are asking yourself “How in the world do I choose a date that would even work for everyone”. We recommend choosing a date that is special to you.

Popular Dates & Months

It’s good to educate yourself on the popular dates and months, especially in the Fargo area, ahead of time. This way if you want a wedding on that day or during that time, you know to plan well in advance (at least 16 months), so you still have a great selection of vendors and wedding locations open.

October is the busiest month of the year to get married in. In fact, this has stood true nationwide since 2016! People love hosting their wedding ceremony outdoors (nearly 50% and rising!). The semi-cool weather in the fall helps make this doable. September has been the next top wedding month, putting the autumn season at the top as the most popular season for couples to get married.

  • 4.2.22 (Saturday, Repeating Numbers)
  • 6.21.22 (Tuesday, Summer Solstice, longest day of the year)
  • 7.8.22 (Friday, Sequential Numbers)
  • 9.9.22 (Friday, Repeating Numbers)
  • 9.10.22 (Saturday, Sequential Numbers)
  • 10.22.22  (Saturday, Repeating Numbers)
  • 11.11.22 (Friday, Chance, Coincidence, or Spiritual Meaning, Repeating Numbers)
  • 12.31.22 (Saturday, New Year’s Eve)

Consider Your Season

With fall being the busiest time of year for weddings, you can expect limited availability if you’re reserving vendors within 12 months. Oftentimes this time of the year will come with slightly higher prices as well. However, wintertime is quite the opposite, being the slowest time for weddings (busiest for engagements though!). This results in better availability and pricing from wedding vendors.

Budget-Friendly Days To Get Married

It may be a given that choosing a day besides a Saturday is going to be better for your budget, but many venues will also discount during slower months as well. In short, your budget-friendly days to get married will be during the slower season, or on Sunday (potentially excluding the Sunday before long weekend like Labor Day or Memorial Day).

Also, don’t forget to avoid big events in Fargo to avoid hotel rooms being filled for any guests, or you and your fiance, wanting to stay in your hotel block. Here are some upcoming events that draw crowds to Fargo:

Reserve Your Date

If you’ve made it here, you have the research aspect down, now just don’t forget to follow your intuition when choosing which date feels best for you and your partner, and lock that date in with your venues first! We’re throwing all the lucky stars your way that you land your top wedding location and vendors! Interested in reserving your date for photography, videography, DJ, photo booth, or lighting with us? Contact us to see our availability and get a quote for your big day.

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