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Why You Should Hire a Professional DJ for Your Wedding


There are many reasons why you should hire a professional wedding DJ, and we are here to tell you why. A professional DJ will wear many hats during your event from keeping the timeline on track to getting your guests in the right mood. Read on to find out why you should make room in your budget for a professional DJ.

Professional DJs have the best sound equipment.

If you have a large space to fill with sound, you are going to want to leave this job to the professionals. A Bluetooth speaker in the corner is not going to project sound like professional-grade equipment would. Hiring a DJ will ensure that every guest will be able to hear the music and the announcements.

When you book with Complete, our wedding DJs in Des Moines, IA will also provide microphones for your vows, speeches, and toasts. This way you can make sure every guest can hear every word to your vows even when they are sitting in the back row.

If you are having an outdoor reception or ceremony, having professional sound equipment will help cover up anything that would hinder your guests from hearing such as wind, waterfalls, wildlife, car traffic, etc.

A professional DJ will keep your timeline on track.

Hiring a DJ will allow you to enjoy your reception because they will keep your timeline on track which means you don’t have to watch the time. Your DJ will announce when it is time for dinner, dessert, games, dances, speeches, last call & more. Dance the night away with your guests without worry!

Having a professional DJ will also help cover up any hiccups that might happen at your reception. If dinner is running 15 minutes behind, then the DJ can entertain your guests until it’s ready. Maybe your dad is in the bathroom when it is time for his toast, or your photographer is taking a bit longer than expected.

Our DJs will present your guests with ice breaker games or fun music to pass the time. None of your guests will know that the timeline derailed slightly.

You not only have someone to manage your playlist, but you also have an emcee.

Professional DJs have earned their title for a reason. They know how to work with a crowd and get your guests excited. You will have an emcee for your event to lead the show. How exciting is it to think that you will have an emcee to announce you as a freshly married couple as you walk into your reception?

Your DJ can also release tables for dinner and get everyone together for a group photo on the dance floor. A DJ is never meant to take the spotlight off the wedding couple but meant to enhance the event.

Professional DJs will set the mood for your wedding.

I’m sure you have noticed that weddings generally start with softer romantic music and then the playlist progresses to more upbeat, dancing music. Music cues your guests to get in a certain mood, and it’s no secret. Your DJ will help you find all the right songs for every precious moment. A professional DJ will know how to set the mood and the tone for your event.

DJs provide you with non-stop entertainment.

Between conga lines, ice breaker games, group photos, the best music, shoe game, and the cha-cha slide, your guests will never be bored. You hire a DJ for many reasons, but mainly to keep your guests entertained. Your DJ can be as interactive as you want them to be. A good DJ will notice when there is a dip in the energy at your event, and they are here to get your guests back into party mode.

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Author: Amanda VanSickle

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