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Wedding Day Advice For Engaged Couples


The big day is here! Sometimes all the anticipation makes us forget what the wedding day is all about. After all, you have spent MONTHS planning the best day of your life, and you just want everything to run smoothly! Read on to see our Wedding Day Advice for Des Moines couples on their wedding day to make it a little easier and more memorable.

Wedding Day Advice for Engaged Couples

Have A Plan

Being organized is something we cannot stress enough going into your special day! It’s important to have all of your vendors lined up ahead of time, and to have communicated with them in advance about their plans for the wedding day.  Creating a timeline as well as a list of your vendors’ contact information will help ease the stress and gives you something to refer to on the day-of.  We’d recommend purchasing organizational tubs to place what items you will be needing for the ceremony, reception, transportation, etc.

 Let Someone Else Handle the Stress For You

While you may think you can handle everything yourself on the day of your wedding, you should NEVER have to! Whether you have family members or a day-of coordinator helping out, make sure someone is in charge to take the stress off your shoulders! It’s your day that you only get to do once, so make sure to enjoy it and let someone else handle the details. Complete Weddings + Events’ day-of coordinators are an affordable option for keeping the stress off you and your family on your special day.  They will make sure all the details are set in place so you, your fiancé your friends, and your family can sit back and enjoy the wedding!


Take Some Time For Yourselves

The day of your wedding going into it seems like it’ll be a long one. That is not the case when you’re the bride or groom going through it! It goes by SO fast! Take a moment with your new husband or wife AFTER you have said “I do” as well! It’s important to bask in your Des Moines wedding day TOGETHER. When you’re creating your timeline, be sure to include at least 20 minutes of time spent with your partner alone! You’ll appreciate that memory later, realizing you just got married and are having the best day of your lives!

Plus, the pictures are way too cute! Check out more from our Complete Weddings + Events’ photographer’s portfolios to see how they capture some beautiful couples on their wedding day!


Give Your Phones to Your Coordinator, Your Maid of Honor, or Your Best Man

You do not need the distraction of anything on the most special day of your life in Des Moines, IA. You shouldn’t let anything take away from your moment. Take it all in! You don’t need your phone right next to you. If your fiancé calls or there’s an emergency, they can let you know!

Eat Something BEFORE the Wedding

Of course, we always suggest enjoying the food you are paying WAY too much for – that’s a MUST! However, you don’t need to be feeling light-headed or woozy at the altar. It is so important to make sure you get yourself something to eat and drink. You may be feeling nervous and too excited to eat, but don’t neglect what your body needs! Make sure to take care of yourself to feel great the whole time! Trust us, you’ll enjoy all the moments leading up to dinner much more!

Don’t Forget Dessert

Speaking of food, eat more than just your “cake-cutting bite”. You have an entire table of desserts that you specifically picked out based on your taste buds. You deserve to eat some of that! Don’t get so busy talking to all your guests that you forget about it before they are all gone at the end of the night!

Don’t Forget to Dance

We know you want to take the time to say “hello” to everyone who came to celebrate with you. But still, make sure you take the time to dance with all your friends and family as well! It’s your party, and you should enjoy it. Celebrate the fact that you are now married, and kick off your new life together with a celebration. See how our Des Moines Wedding DJs help give you the party you deserve!

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