Columbia, MO
Meet the Columbia MO Team!

Meet the Columbia MO Team!


Get to know the individuals behind the Complete Weddings + Events team here in Columbia! With a combined 36 years of event industry experience, our team has nearly seen it all! We’re familiar with every venue in the Columbia, Jefferson City area.  We have worked with many of the event and wedding vendors you may work with for your big day!  Feel free to contact us with any of your event-related questions, or to learn more about what we do to make sure you’re completely taken care of leading up to and on your event day.  We’d love to hear about what you’re planning for your day, and see how we, or any of the vendors in St. Louis, can help!

Meet the Columbia MO Team!


Dan Sims | Complete Weddings + Events Staff

Dan Sims, Owner/General Manager

Years in Industry:  36

 Favorite sports Team:  Nebraska Cornhuskers

Favorite Food:  Tuna

How many siblings: 4

Favorite Color: Green

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Memorable Moment in the Wedding Industry:

I received a letter from a client that our event staff made her feel so special on her big day.  It’s almost like she felt going into the big day she felt the day was going to be just ok and she went on and on about how important and special our event staff made her feel.  Of all the positive letters, emails, phone calls, and surveys filled out, one stands out above the rest.  It put tears in my eye and a letter I will never forget. It always reminds me why I love my job so much.



Scott | Complete Weddings + Events Staff

Scott Bernstein, Operations Director

Years in Industry:  23

Favorite Sports Team:  St. Louis Blues

Dream Super Power:  I’d create a 30 hour day since I never seem to have enough time in the day.

Favorite app:  Podcasts

How many siblings: 1 older sister

Favorite color: Blue (like the ocean, or sky)

Hometown: St. Louis GO BLUES!

Quarantine Activities:  Working from home, Dog walks, Family movie nights, cleaning the house, golf, doing home projects.  The most adventurous was setting up a tent in the backyard and camping out for the night.  That was…interesting.  I learned we have Raccoons that come out at 2 in the morning to feast out of the garbage lol!

Memorable Moment in the Wedding Industry:  There are many.  However, it boils down to all the hiring and training done to find and coach DJs to be awesome at their job, ensuring their equipment is working properly and making sure the weddings go smoothly.  I love hearing that we were the highlight of their day.



Libby | Complete Weddings + Events Staff

Libbi Venable, Sales, and Marketing Manager

Years in the Industry:  5

Favorite Sports Team:  St Louis Cardinals

Favorite Food:  Pizza

How do you drink your coffee:  With a little bit of chocolate protein powder and milk.

How many siblings: 1 older brother (Josh)

Favorite Color: Pink

Hometown: Belleville, IL

Quarantine activities:  Lots of time with my family, walks with my dog, cooking, cleaning, online shopping, and working from home.

A memorable moment in the wedding industry:  Showing up at weddings that I helped brides and grooms plans.  Sometimes I never even meet the couple throughout the planning process.  Sometimes we only email, text, and talk on the phone.  Showing up, meeting, hugging, and congratulating them is always fun.



Jordan | Complete Weddings + Events Staff

Jordan Sweet, Event Consultant

Years in the Industry:  5

Favorite sports team:  Cubs

Favorite food:  BLT’s

How you drink your coffee:  Milk and Sugar

Favorite phone app:  Twitter

How many siblings: 2 sisters, 1 older, and 1 younger. I have been my mom’s favorite since 1996!

Quarantine activities:  Walk’s

Favorite color: Blue

Hometown: Paris IL, home of the Tigers and country music singer Brett Eldredge

Memorable moment in the wedding industry:  DJ’ing an event where the Bride and Groom met in a foreign exchange program and had to do long distance for over 5 years.  The Groom was from Great Britain and couldn’t get his VISA.  The party was a blast as well and the Groom’s wedding party, also from Great Britain jumped into a Pond on the property.  They were the happiest couple I have ever seen and were so filled with joy that they finally got to tie the knot.  Fun times!



Jeff | Complete Weddings + Events Staff

Jeff Baker, Photo/Video Manager

Years in the Industry:  13

Favorite sports team:  Cardinals

Favorite food:  Sushi

How you drink your coffee:  Like I like my women, Hot!

Favorite phone app:  Facebook

How many siblings: 1 sister

Favorite color: Blue

Hometown: St. Louis

Quarantine activities:  Playing with the kids, reading, binging Netflix

A memorable moment in the wedding industry:  Always leaving anyone I work with happier than they expected 😊



Lucien Winner, Event Consultant

Lucien Winner, Event Consultant

Years in the industry:  3

Favorite Food:  Tacos YUM!

How do you drink your coffee:  On special occasions, my lovely wife makes an amazing Thai Iced coffee.  It reminds us of our Thailand honeymoon.  Otherwise, I drink coffee black.

Favorite app:  Spotify

Siblings: 3. I have 1 older stepsister, younger sister, and brother.

Favorite Color: Old Ford Aquamarine!

Hometown: Macomb, IL

Quarantine activities:  Walks in the park, kayaking with my family, projects around the house/garden, and working on my old bike and pickup truck.

A memorable moment in the wedding industry:  There are countless wonderful memories.  Each wedding holds so many special moments.  Working with vendors that ask for our services for their own personal weddings proves we are a cut above the rest.  We love what WE DO.


Complete Weddings + Events Team

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