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Do Small Weddings Need a Wedding Photographer

Do Small Weddings Need a Wedding Photographer


Hiring a wedding photographer for a large wedding is an EXCELLENT idea! Why would it be any different for a small wedding? Having a smaller one could mean many things. You only want your close friends and family to be there to celebrate your special day! And maybe you would rather spend that money on an extravagant honeymoon? Either way, make sure you spending your money wisely. 

Wedding Photographers want to help recreate special moments. These are pictures that will last a lifetime!

Do Small Weddings Need a Wedding Photographer

Reason #1 

Hiring a photographer gives you the opportunity to create beautiful memories with your friends and family, AND have it captured forever! Some of the best memories come from the candid photos taken when you’re not looking! Allow yourself the freedom to enjoy your wedding without having to worry about hiring a friend to do the photos!

Reason #2 

A photographer will ask you ahead of time the type of photos you’re looking for! They will ask about couple photos, family photos, to find out the most important photos to be captured on your wedding day! This also acts as a timeline for the photographers! They will guide you throughout the day and keep you on time! I call this the two for one special! Not only will they take your pictures, but they’ll also keep you on time! 😉

Reason #3

Now onto the good stuff. Small weddings are no different from large weddings in terms of special moments. During a small wedding, you are still going to be cutting the cake, making toasts, special dances, and GETTING MARRIED!! There are still so many magical moments that need to be captured, whether it’s 5 people or 500 people! The events that take place at a wedding are the same for a small and big wedding! 

Now, how often do you get to share a special day between only two people? This day is yours to claim. Claim it and remember it! This day is so special and there are so many people out there that dedicate their lives to creating a memorable experience for you!

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