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captures the essence of spring with bright colored flowers and wedding party.

Spring Rewind


So, you’ve decided on an outdoor wedding. Now, what season? We highly recommend spring! Among many reasons, our biggest would have to be the lush greenery, pastels, and generally just pops of color that comes along with the season. These can be sprinkled throughout your wedding day in many different ways.  If you need your fill of spring wedding inspiration, soak up all of the photos below (while avoiding any spring showers)!


When thinking of spring, the first thing that comes to mind is flowers. It’s the season when everything comes back to life. Incorporating them into your wedding day would mean taking full advantage of the fruits of the season’s labor. There are many ways you can sprinkle flowers throughout the big day. From bouquets, centerpieces, to decorations.


We also love the colors that come along with the season. Everything becomes brighter and sweeter. Our favorite spring color combinations range in the pastel family. These include blush pinks, soft lavenders, and baby blues.


Finally, we have spring’s biggest flex. The nature that it has to offer. Imagine having your wedding day with not just the flowers, but lush greenery that comes about. Along with flowing water of lakes and blue skies. Sounds like perfect scenery to us.

All in all, we believe spring has so much to offer in terms of your wedding day. These pictures are just the beginning of what you can create.


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