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A New Season for Elisabeth + Michael at The Gadsden House


Earlier this year on the eve of spring, you could feel that something was in the air: the feeling of new beginnings and hope for the future. But there was something different about this day in particular. On March 19, 2021, Elisabeth + Michael added love into the atmosphere as they celebrated their wedding day. The events of the day unfolded at the Gadsden House located in downtown Charleston, SC. Their special day was captured by Complete Weddings + Events’ own Charleston videographer, Thomas.

Venue: Gadsden House

The Gadsden House was built in the late 18th century as a wedding gift from a father to his son. A foreshadowing of what the space would be used for more than 200 years later. Over the centuries, it has been reimagined from a living space to a venue for special events. In restoring the space, they managed to keep the Gadsden’s old charm while mixing it with new elements. From original pinewood floors, to gold accent pieces. For Elisabeth + Michael’s wedding, their ceremony and reception took place in one of the two main courtyards. The courtyards are surrounded by brick walls and lush greenery. A perfect backdrop for this occasion.


The Dress

As the clock struck 5, the ceremony began. The guests turned around as Elisabeth stepped into the courtyard alongside the first man she ever loved. She was wearing a beautiful column shaped gown that hugged the natural shape of her body. The bodice was cut into a v-neckline with two straps, but it didn’t stop there. That top half was intricately beaded to create a modern look to the dress, but also tying into the overall classic elements sprinkled throughout the wedding. On the other side of her dress, were buttons that ran down Elisabeth’s back, perfectly accentuating the curve of her back. To complement the v-neckline, she opted for an updo that was held together by a small leaf arrangement. Elisabeth glided down the aisle, locking eyes with her soon to be husband.

The Wedding Party

Michael wore a deep blue suit that he paired together with a white button down shirt. The look was tied together with brown leather shoes and a sage bow tie to seal the deal. The sage had more blue undertones than green which tied into the transitional period between winter and spring. The groomsmen followed the same layout in their suits, except they wore ties instead of bow ties. The bridesmaids wore strapless sweetheart neckline dresses. To create a connection between the two parties, the dresses were also the sage color that was found on the ties the groomsmen were wearing. This created an overall picturesque moment along the background of The Gadsden House greenery and brick walls.


The energy of the ceremony picked up once the ceremony was over. Guests moved to the second courtyard to celebrate the union between Michael + Elisabeth. The decorations of the venue created by Ooh! Events were subtly spread out throughout the courtyard so as to liven up the space, but not take away from the beauty of it. Leafy garlands were placed on tables and lanterns placed throughout the courtyard. String lights lit up the night, giving off a fiery glow that surrounded the guests.

Happily Ever After

Although it was the final day of winter, the ambience was warmed up by the smiles and laughter ringing through the courtyard. Guests danced the night away to a live band by looking into the future of the newly wedded couple: Elisabeth + Michael. Congratulations to the two! We wish you nothing but success in your marriage 💞.

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Videographer: Complete Weddings + Events | Thomas 

Venue: The Gadsden House Downtown Charleston, SC

Event Coordinator: Ooh! Events | Sara

Author: Elaine Mukusha

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