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Erik Poston

Erik Poston Central illinois wedding photographer

How to book Erik Poston for your wedding or special event?

As a professional wedding photographer in Peoria, IL, and surrounding Central Illinois areas, Erik Poston with Complete Weddings + Events will ensure your special memories are captured and preserved so you can enjoy them forever!  It takes a special photographer to understand the importance of how to make a wedding day flow smoothly and keep you at ease in knowing that you can have fun and enjoy your day and rest assured your vision is shared and will be executed by a talented artist!  If you want to make sure your special day is fun, goes according to your plans, and that you will have amazing photos to admire forever, tell Complete Weddings + Events you want to book Erik Poston as your wedding photographer!

More about Erik Poston:

Why did you decide to become a photographer?

I started photography as a child and it has been a hobby for years. At 12 years old, it began with drives around with my mom.  I would take photos of deer in the dark.  At 17, I finally got my hands on my high school’s DSLR camera. My computer science teacher let me take that camera to Oregon and I (without knowing how to shoot in manual) took a perfectly exposed picture of a fire spitter on the side of the street. As a result, I could see how beautiful capturing a moment in time was.  In turn, I now realize that I want to give people memories that they can cherish with their friends and family for the rest of their lives.

What is your favorite memory from an event you’ve shot?

My favorite memory was shooting Snoop Dogg in Bloomington/Normal. Just the opportunity was amazing itself, but my favorite moment was when I wanted to get a picture of the crowd from the stage’s point of view. I had jumped on stage in between performers and when I was ready to take the picture, the crowd started cheering and throwing their hands up for the picture. The sound of the crowd roaring is something I will never forget, and the picture of that crowd will always be something I cherish knowing it was one of the biggest moments so far in my career.

What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?

I genuinely love what my career is and I know that when I am put in front of a performer on stage or a Bride and Groom on their wedding day, that I am going to pour my heart into making their special moment something they will cherish forever. My favorite part of photography isn’t simply taking a beautiful picture, it is giving people memories that they cherish for generations to come.

What makes you or your work unique/stand out?

My work stands out because I love capturing raw genuine emotions by reminding my clients of the journey they are

taking together. I want to know where and when the Groom proposed, where their dream honeymoon is, maybe even why they first told each other “I Love You”. But most importantly I want to remind my clients on the day of their wedding, why they love each other and the sacrifices they have made for their love. I want to give them memories filled with candid laughs and tears of love. My focus is to remind my couples on the day of their wedding that this is a lifelong commitment of love and happiness that they are choosing to have with their partner for the rest of their lives.

What is your favorite part of the night?

My favorite part of the night is when I get to see the genuine smiles of the Bride and Groom. Whether it be from a beautifully written speech by someone they love, letting loose with their partner and friends on the dance floor, or even when they just have little moments to themselves throughout the day. Being able to capture those moments for them, knowing how happy they are, is by far my favorite part of the night.

List one fun fact about you most people do not know:

I love learning magic tricks and teaching people how to do them.



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"Erik and Jacob were great to have as our photographers, easy to work with and made sure to get some amazing shots! Overall was SOOOO good! 10/10 ~Johanna T

Our photographer, Erik, and our DJ were very personable and fun. They made the evening easygoing and fun! 10/10 ~Ashley W.

Erin and Erik (the photographers), were beautiful down to their souls. They worked with us, they calmed us down, they understood when we were overwhelmed and walked away when we needed space. They NEVER demanded anything from us, they were always patient, kind, and spoke with constant reassurance and love. They wanted to make sure our special day was exactly what we wanted and for that we owe them a lifetime of "Thank Yous."
Nate, Erin and Erik get a 10/10, 100 percent, satisfaction guaranteed review. 10/10 ~Analicia H"

- Testimonials for Erik Poston

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