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There are plenty of ways to make your event special – and we know it’s worth spending time thinking about how to ensure your schedule of events and the energy and entermainent are on pair so all attendees have a great time. Hiring Wedding DJs in Brainerd, MN is imperative to make this happen. A great DJ can get the party started and keep it going as long as your event lasts. Thankfully, finding the perfect DJ in Central Minnesota is easy with Complete Weddings + Events on the job! We’re passionate about connecting people with the right DJ – and handling the details so everyone can enjoy the event!

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Choosing Your Wedding DJs in Brainerd, MN

There are some great event DJs in Brainerd and the Central Minnesota area to consider hiring for your party. Narrow the field by working with the Complete Weddings + Events team! We select only the best special event DJs in Brainerd for our clients and choose DJs that fit the style and vibe you’re looking for. By focusing on disc jockeys who know how to ignite a room with energy and charm, we ensure the mood of the room is tailored to your precise needs. Not every DJ knows how to read a room and make adjustments to their playlist accordingly, so allow us to guide you towards professionals who can keep everyone grooving.


Options when Selecting your Brainerd DJ

No two parties are alike, so it’s a good idea to consider the ways in which your event is unique. By identifying the precise kind of vibes you’re hoping to create in the event space, you can more easily select the all events DJ in Indianapolis that’s right for you. While you’re mulling over your options, keep these bullet points in mind:

  • Setting the Tone

You want your guests to have fun, but what kind of fun are you aiming for? Determining the overall tone you hope to create can give your DJ a goal to work towards. For example, a corporate event DJ in Brainerd might have the perfect soundtrack for a low-key affair, while a wedding and event DJ in Brainerd, MN will be more attuned to the music that gets people dancing. No matter what vibe you’re trying to capture, make sure your DJ knows how to create it.

  • Personality and Background

Imagine your ideal DJ: do they have an outgoing personality, a willingness to emcee the event with witty banter, or an encyclopedic knowledge of 90s hip hop? Keep these traits in mind, or the traits that matter to you, as you consider your options. While a Brainerd DJ may have plenty of experience with weddings or birthday parties, they may not necessarily be right for your corporate event. Come up with a list of common challenges and see how they’d respond in the moment. Their answers can be incredibly revealing!

  • Making Song Requests

If you know your guests will want to make song requests, it’s worth asking the DJ about their policy. Not every DJ is opposed to them, but many find it difficult to work requests into their set. If you feel strongly one way or another, make sure to get on the same page as the DJ you intend to hire. It’s also a good idea to create a “must play” and a “must not play” list of tunes you feel especially passionate about hearing!

  • Staffing Needs

Many Minnesota DJs are lone wolves, but in some cases, companies will send an assistant or two to help set up equipment. When meeting with candidates for your event, ask about which staff members you can expect on hand at the party. In some situations, the person you speak to initially is not the DJ who will end up at your event. Control for as many surprises as possible by understanding exactly who to expect and when. While you’re at it, ask about what safety net is in place if the DJ you hire can’t make the party or an unexpected emergency comes up.

  • Other Logistics

What will the DJ wear to your event? Have they been to the Minnesota venue your event is at? Will they need electrical outlet access for their equipment? How early will they need access to the event space for set up? How long does it take to break down equipment at the end of the night? How much square footage should be set aside for the DJ booth? The answers to these questions are seriously helpful in planning your big event.


The Perfect Party by Complete Weddings + Events 

Plan the party of your dreams with Complete Weddings + Events! Our Brainerd DJs are some of the best around, with the talent, experience, and savvy to make your event one to remember. With these experts on board for entertainment, you’ll be able to dance, socialize and focus on hosting while we take care of the details. Because we offer a wide array of options for set up, breakdown and plans to meet each of your needs, you’ll feel great about letting our team bring your event to life.

At Complete Weddings + Events, we know the value of a few good vendors. It’s why we only work with the very best event professionals that Brainerd, MN has to offer! Brainerd DJs are just the beginning when it comes to Complete. We also offer photo booth rentals, videography and photography services. No matter your needs, we’re excited and ready to help you get the planning complete!

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