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Social Distancing Wedding Seating Arrangements

Social Distancing Wedding Seating Arrangements


The Coronavirus has changed everything we knew about being social: Large gatherings and events appear to be a thing of the past, and alternatives have to be found in order for life to continue “as normal” – or as close to normal as we can be while still staying safe. Lockdowns and restrictions have lifted somewhat, but this doesn’t mean that the reason to be concerned has ceased. Social distancing is the current keyword; this means that large events have to be approached with care and caution for everyone present to be safe.

Even if lockdowns and restrictions are lifted entirely, social distancing is likely to continue.

What Social Distancing Wedding Seating Arrangements Might Look Like

If you are planning your wedding, social distancing has become one of the most important factors to consider. If you were planning ten years ago, this might not have mattered – but social distancing today is for everyone’s safety.

Here’s how to approach social distancing for your wedding – and how seating arrangements for your wedding might change as a result of social distancing restrictions.

What is Social Distancing?

 Social distancing is part of protecting ourselves from potential infections; placing the recommended distance between people means that they are less likely to transfer COVID-19 should any of these parties be carriers (whether or not they have symptoms). The important thing to remember is that it doesn’t just protect against potential COVID-19 infection, but also protects against a range of other common infectious diseases.

All large events currently require social distancing. This can impact your wedding – and of course, this can impact the seating arrangements for the event, too.

Other Situations Requiring Social Distancing

 Social distancing can still be necessary even if all restrictions are lifted tomorrow. There are still many health conditions that aren’t COVID-19, and there are many people who – because of health conditions or sometimes age – are still vulnerable. It is still a good idea for any large event where people gather – and where it’s not a good idea for them to be packed close together.

About Masks & Gloves

Masks and gloves can be an important part of social distancing, especially during the most vulnerable times of COVID-19 which we are still undergoing. If you are planning a large event like a wedding, then you should have an ample supply of masks and gloves available at the event; make sure that you have double what you require for guests, and enough to cover staff – gloves and masks might need to be switched and are not meant for multiple usages.

Sanitizing Saves

Simple precautions make a massive difference when protecting your loved ones. Other than masks and gloves, ensuring that you have hand sanitizer available at all times – and at logical points in the wedding where people will meet – helps to stop the potential spread of any viruses or bacteria by touch.

Seating Arrangements

Should social distancing change the seating arrangements? It might.

Due to social distancing restrictions, a healthy distance has to be maintained – and this might mean that a larger venue with more space (or an outdoor one!) is required to accommodate the increase in people-per-area. At the same time, this might also be impractical for weddings that cannot find another venue due to either time-constraints or budget. If you already have your venue booked, then this might be too big of a change – and you can’t tell half your guests not to show up.

Luckily, there are alternatives.

Alternatives: Screens Between Guests

 One possible alternative without changing seating arrangements too much is the introduction of screens, ideally made from cheaper plexiglass; this ensures that seating doesn’t have to change, but that these screens are installed between seats – making booking a new venue an unnecessary expense when it can be done this way!

Some public gatherings have already benefited from the introduction of screens, including poker tournaments: It’s one way to approach a wedding event.

Alternatives: The Digitally Enhanced Wedding

Let’s not forget the wonder of the webcam – and how it can help to solve challenges like these. Many weddings have been hosted online – or at the very least, augmented with some of the guests attending electronically. There’s no reason why this can’t work for your wedding together with a simple webcam setup and uplink where the password is sent only to guests with an official wedding invitation.

There are many possible solutions that could mean seating arrangements don’t have to change: Discuss yours with your wedding planner or day-of wedding coordinator.

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