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Picking A DJ For A Corporate Business Event In Austin, TX

Picking A DJ For A Corporate Business Event In Austin, TX


Corporate events tend to have a go big or go home mentality with the events they put on. As they should! Spending money, wages, and time into creating these events with the goal of showing off the business and benefits they offer. We understand where they are coming from and that is why it is extremely important to have a knowledge and dependable music source. Here are some things to think about when picking your corporate event DJ!

One Person, One Contact

Bands can become complicated when there are a lot of members. The telephone game becomes more prominent and key communication can fall through the cracks. When you hire a corporate event DJ, there is one contact person. This is someone who will listen and understand what you are needing from them for your corporate business event. They are the person you can rely on to make the event go smoothly so you can focus on your part of the event.

Music Variety

Bands stick to music they know; not music that your guest wants to hear. DJs have more of a lead away with this because they will have 100s upon 1,000s of songs they can choose from that your guest wants to hear. Some bands can only do songs on their list for legal rights purposes. They don’t have the same loophole that professional DJs have. DJs can play just about any song because they

  1. Work for a DJ company.
  2. Venues hold a music license that gives the DJ the freedom to play.
  3. If self-employed, they will hold a music license to protect their work.

More Knowledge On Different Music Genres

This brings me to my next point. DJs will have knowledge in R&B, rap, rock, country, pop, and many other genres and cross-over genres. Your guests may be loyal to your company, but they are not loyal to one genre of music. Who can blame them!? The best Austin DJs will know how to read a crowd and play the right music to keep guests on the dance floor all night. There are so many good songs out there and even though they are at a corporate event; they want you to hear this awesome song that they have been blasting in their car for the last week.

Bands usually don’t take song requests because there is a 50/50 chance they may not know the song and they don’t want to disappoint your guest or lose a possible generated customer. However, if you still want an acoustic vibe to your corporate event, DJs definitely can do that too!


Depending on what size venue you go with is very important for bands. They usually only bring their instruments and hope for the best. DJs can make the music reach the back wall where the quiet employees hang out. Give them music too, while enjoying being a part of your event.

Acoustic music from a corporate event DJ service will always make events stand out better than a band. Bands can only play the music they know, are legally allowed to play, and usually, stay in a genre that they know they can handle. That stand-alone DJ is a master at mixing on the fly! They have knowledge all across the board of different genres. So, who will you choose for your corporate event?

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