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How To Plan A Bridal Shower in Austin?

How To Plan A Bridal Shower in Austin?


A bridal shower in Austin is a traditional way to celebrate a bride-to-be. Not only is it one of the first re-wedding events where close friends and family members from both sides get to connect with each other, but it’s also filled with fun decor, food, gifts, and yes … games!

How To Plan A Bridal Shower?

You may be asking – what happens at a wedding shower?

A bridal shower is an all-female celebration for the bride-to-be, her friends/bridesmaids, and close relatives from both sides of the family, such as grandmothers, aunts, and cousins. Activities can include a variety of eating (either a seated meal or casual hors d’oeuvres), playing games, and time for guests to mingle with each other. The main event is when you shower the bride (she opens her gifts) which are typically items that guests have purchased from the couple’s wedding registry.

The following are the general planning steps involved in Bridal Shower Planning:

  • Decide on a Bridal Shower Budget
  • Set a Date for the Shower
  • Create a Bridal Shower Guest List
  • Pick a Location for the Shower
  • Choose a bridal shower theme
  • Send Out the Shower Invitations
  • Plan the Bridal Shower Menu and Stock the Bar
  • Purchase the bridal shower decor
  • Plan out the bridal shower games
  • Create an uplifting playlist
  • What to do during the bridal shower
  • Set up a station for bridal shower gifts.
  • Create a ribbon bouquet
  • Prepare a toast to the bride

Planning FAQs

Who traditionally plans the bridal shower?

The bridal shower is traditionally hosted and planned by the maid or matron of honor. Bridesmaids, parents, and relatives help by decorating, cooking, and coordinating the logistics of the party.

Who pays for the bridal shower?

The host traditionally pays for the bridal shower. If you are co-hosting the shower with bridesmaids or other relatives, it’s a great idea to split the costs evenly.

How much does a bridal shower cost?

There’s no exact amount of money you should spend when hosting a bridal shower. The cost varies depending on where the party is taking place, how many guests are invited, the decorations, and the food and beverages served. You can throw a bridal shower on a budget by hosting the party at your house, keeping the food and refreshments simple, and avoiding elaborate favors.

Is it customary to get a bridal shower gift and a wedding gift?

If you are attending a bridal shower, the proper etiquette is to purchase a gift specifically for the bride in addition to a wedding gift for the couple. You should spend between $25 and $75 on the bridal shower gift, depending on your relationship to the bride.

What kind of food is served at a bridal shower?

A bridal shower menu should complement the theme of the party, the time of day, and the bride’s personal preferences.  Cheese plates, fresh fruit, salads, and pasta dishes are all popular choices for bridal shower menus. Offer a variety of sweet treats, such as pastries, cupcakes, brownies, or doughnuts. Lastly … don’t forget the drinks! In addition to non-alcoholic beverages, set up a DIY mimosa or sangria bar so guests can create their own refreshments.

How long should a bridal shower last?

Most bridal showers last between two and four hours. They typically take place during the late morning or early afternoon—think brunch or luncheon.

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