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How To Delegate Wedding Planning Tasks in Austin? Celebrino wedding center

How To Delegate Wedding Planning Tasks in Austin?


On average, you will spend more than 200 hours planning a wedding. It is a lot of work, and you should ask for help by delegating some of the tasks. Trying to do everything by yourself can be a great experience, but you may become anxious and uncomfortable at some point because you cannot control everything. Here are some of the wedding planning tasks in Austin, TX you should delegate.

How To Delegate Wedding Planning Tasks in Austin?

Finding Wedding Suppliers

Finding suppliers is the most challenging task and may be overwhelming for you when planning your wedding. It is time-consuming because you have to compare different suppliers before settling for one. Ask one of your family members or relatives to help you look for photographers, caters, florists, and hairdressers. Let the person you delegate the work know your style, budget, and taste but let them know you have the final say.

Deliveries and Pickups

As the wedding day nears, you will have many errands, pickups, and deliveries to do. They may appear to be small tasks, but they take time and can be quite tiresome. Find someone who can help you out. Some the errands you can delegate include:

  • Collecting the wedding gown and groom’s suit.
  • Delivering various goods to the wedding venue
  • Sending invitations
  • Picking up your guests arriving via the airport.
  • Getting goods such as signage, décor, and flowers.

Make sure you delegate the tasks to someone reliable and will finish them on time.

Makeup and hair

If you already know a beauty expert, hire them instead of trying out strangers. However, make sure you hire a professional hairstylist and makeup artist to make sure you look excellent for the wedding day. Remember you will take photos that will last for years.

Taking care of page boys and flower girls

Page boys and girls make a wedding exciting. If you decide to include them in your wedding, you should find someone to take of them. These kids need someone to watch over them because they can easily stray. They also require someone to keep them silent or entertain them during photography sessions.

Going unplugged

You can let your guests know through the invitation cards that they cannot bring technology gadgets such as iPads, cameras, phones, and many others. You can also have someone to keep an eye on them and ensure no videos or photos are taken during the wedding. There is nothing wrong with asking for privacy during your big day. It ensures your photos are no uploaded on social media platforms without your permission.

Making the payments

On your wedding day, there will be many suppliers who have to be paid. This can be stressful, but you can minimize this by delegating the work. Put all the payments in labeled envelopes and let the suppliers who will be making the payments.

Décor collection

A wedding with decoration is incomplete. You can use various things that will match your wedding theme. Talk to your friends and delegate this task to someone who has an interest in decorations. You can also ask someone to research and find a professional wedding decoration service and hire that impresses you.

Moral support

Moral support is essential for a couple preparing for their wedding. This is a big event, and naturally, most people become anxious and will therefore need to talk to someone regarding things stressing you up. A coffee date to laugh off things helps you relax and think straight as you plan for the wedding.

Family Photos

Every wedding is likely to have family photos. Ask someone who knows your friends and family members to round them up for the pictures. It is not easy because after you have exchanged vows, most of your guests will start talking and mingling. Someone looking for them for photos will make the whole experience seamless.

Wedding tasks are many, and it is a good idea to delegate some of them. Things become easy, and your mind becomes free. You can wait for the big day without worrying. You should not be afraid to look for help. You may find that most friends or family are willing to help. Since you do not have to pay, there is no reason not to find help.

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