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Engagement Announcement Ideas

Engagement Announcement Ideas


The question has been popped, and the offer was accepted congratulations! Before you start planning your wedding you need to think about how to announce to your friends, family, co-workers, and the world that you are now engaged. It may seem like a simple affair, but everyone wants to do something special to mark this special time in their lives in the annals of history. If you are at a loss about how to announce your engagement, our list of ideas is a great place to start.

Engagement Announcement Ideas

Choosing to get married is a big decision and one that is worth celebrating once you have decided to move forward. Before you rush out and start sharing the news with the world, sit back and take some time to enjoy the moment with your to-be partner. This is a special time between the two of you that will start the foundation of your marriage; instead of inviting the world in, tune them out and bask in this amazing milestone.

Next, talk with your partner about their thoughts on when to announce and who should hear the news first. Some people may have a special place in your lives and get the news firsthand while others may need to be omitted completely. Understanding each other’s needs will ensure that your announcement goes off without a hitch once it does come out.

Holiday Announcements

Not many people are getting together for the holidays, but if your engagement happens to fall around these seasons, you can multi-task your announcement. If you are having a zoom holiday party or an in-person party, announcing your engagement during the evening toast or during the group picture is a great way to celebrate the holidays and announce your plans at the same time.

Planned Social Media Post

Nothing is really official unless it is shared on social media, at least that is what many people believe. Even if you are not that big on using social media, there is a good chance all of your friends and family are on the most popular platforms. Consider creating a special image that is customized to you as a couple. In this post, announce your engagement in a way that reflects your personality and shares your happiness in a way that everyone can also enjoy. If you want to keep some people out of your business, make sure your feeds are marked private to prevent any drama before it has a chance to start.

Hand Crafted Letters

Everything is online these days which is easier on the wallet and the environment. However, there is something infinitely romantic and special about getting a paper letter or card in the mail from someone you care about. Consider writing letters by hand, or even writing one letter and having it duplicated to mail out to your friends and family. Not only will you give your circle a tangible memento of your special milestone, but you will also make them feel all that much more special with this extra step.

Gamers Gamble

There are all types of couples, and some of them simply have no interest in flowers and beaches. If you are a gamer, what better way to announce your engagement than through twitch or a digital game landscape. Chances are most of your friends enjoy the same types of things so they will really appreciate the multiplayer simulation aspects of a gamers engagement announcement.

News Style Announcement

While actual announcements in the newspaper are no longer in style, you can create a news-style print to share with your circle. You can use pictures of your ring, the dinner, or even just a news bulletin to share your happiness with the world. Share these via email, social media, postcards, or any other medium of choice.

In-Person Announcements

Usually, those close to you will have some idea when a proposal may be in the works, but not exactly when. If you have been able to keep this information a secret, then a surprise announcement is still a great way to break the news. Perhaps during lunch or even a casual dinner, or even a random get together, just casually announce that you have decided to tie the knot in casual conversation. You can watch the reactions of joy in real-time and even record them if you are quick enough with your phone.

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