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The Top Three Things You Will Regret Not Doing on your Wedding Day


From the moment you say ‘Yes!’ the ‘to do’ list seems to get longer and longer. Lost in all the planning of the right things to do before and after your big day are these small, but important tasks that will make your day so much easier.

The Top Three Things You Will Regret Not Doing on your Wedding Day

Delegate small tasks

It’s been said that ‘if you want something done right you have to do it yourself’. Though that may be true of some things in life, your wedding day is a good time to let go of some duties. Especially since so many of your friends and family are practically begging to help. Recently, one of our brides wanted to involve her ten-year-old nephew in her reception at Nature Pointe. So at the sparkler send-off, she put him in charge of the ‘fire safety bucket’. He basically just stood by the bucket, but by introducing him as the ‘fire safety general’, the guests knew where to put their used sparklers and he felt good.

Take a moment to yourselves

One reason many couples hire Complete Weddings + Events for photography and videography is because of all the moments they know they’ll miss. A wedding day is such a whirlwind that missing some memories is inevitable. One moment you shouldn’t miss, however, is a chance to be alone with your new spouse just to say ‘congratulations’. To make this happen, our photographers, Kate and Liz, will steal you away from the crowd after the family photos are finished. Also, before beginning your romantic couple’s shots they may even ask you to simply ‘walk away’. Now, with no one else around, you can look into each other’s eyes and soak in the first moments of your new lives together.

Remember your wedding crew

In the service industry, it is customary to reward excellent performance. By labeling envelopes with the name of the crew member and putting one or two hundred bucks inside ahead of time you’ll not only save time, but you’ll be telling your team that you had complete confidence in them and noticed the good work they did. That’s the kind of compliment your Complete Weddings + Events crew lives for!

Wedding Experts at Complete Weddings + Events in Albuquerque, NM

At Complete Weddings + Events, our cinematography team specializes in weddings, so we understand the amount of work that goes into your big day, and the importance of capturing the small details without missing the big moments! You’ve come to the right place if you’re hiring a wedding videographer in Albuquerque, so contact us today to learn more about our videography packages best for your special day!

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Author: Justin Johnson

Photographer: Eric Williams

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