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Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue in New Mexico Armando and Esmerelda Wedding Location in New Mexico

Five Expert Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue in New Mexico


After my wife accepted my marriage proposal, she gave me an engagement gift. Her gift to me was the handwritten list of the qualities she was looking for in a husband. I didn’t meet all of them, but I met all the critical ones. For many brides or grooms-to-be, finding just the right wedding location is as important as finding the right groom. Here are five tips for choosing your perfect wedding venue in New Mexico from local experts in Albuquerque.

Five Expert Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue in New Mexico

List Needs & Wants

A good place to start, according to Payal Patel of The View Event Center, is an actual list. “Look for a venue that is flexible enough to meet all of your needs,” said Payal. “It may be hard to find “the” venue, but starting off with a list of “must-haves” helps narrow down (your choices).”

LeeAnn Cumbow of Casas de Sueños encourages brides to take it a step further and remember what you envisioned your wedding would look like when you were a little girl. “My suggestion,” said LeeAnn, “is you need to find a location that makes your dream wedding come true. If you’ve been dreaming about this wedding since you were knee-high, you must stay true to that dream. You don’t ever want to feel like you’re giving up on that. Your wedding venue needs to match your dream wedding.”

Venue Capacity

Often, couples will jump enthusiastically into wedding planning before deciding on some details that can save time and money down the road. One of those details, according to Payal at The View Event Center, is the guest list. “A lot of times,” said Payal, “brides don’t have a guest list prior to venue shopping. Once you have a guest list, you will have a better idea of what venues can accommodate that guest count. There’s no point in looking at venues that cannot accommodate this count, which also helps narrow down (your list).”


Also, don’t overlook the people that come with your venue. According to Sarah Wilson of the Sheraton Uptown, couples should remember that choosing a wedding venue is more than just choosing a building. “You need to be comfortable with the planner,” said Sarah, “because they’re going help you with the process for your day. They can answer questions you didn’t know you had. And they can prevent assumptions about what your vendors may or may not be responsible for.”

All-Inclusive Venues

Finally, one trend is for couples to seek out a venue that can do everything for them. “Any venue that’s all-inclusive or almost all-inclusive is something I see that a lot of brides want,” said Payal of The View Event Center. “They look for a venue that takes charge and (takes) stress off of their shoulders.”

Complete Weddings + Events in New Mexico

If you need help narrowing down your list of venues or even just getting a list started, remember that Justin and his crew at Complete Weddings and Events New Mexico have been to almost every venue in the state. Contact Complete to schedule a consultation and ask that venues be one of the topics you chat about.

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