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The essence of Videography is visual storytelling that captures memorable events and turns them into cherished heirlooms that become part of your family’s story and legacy that you will return to again and again over time.

When searching for Wedding Videography and Wedding Videographers in Waco for your next special event, consider letting our talented Waco videography team capture your day in cinematic HD video. We take great pride and joy in our reputation — we’ve been chosen by more couples to film their big day than any other Waco wedding videography provider.

Why Hire Wedding Videography in Waco?

Your wedding day will most likely be full from sunrise to sunset.  Even with the best of intentions of striving to be present for your big moments, many of those smaller, special moments can slip away or even get lost in your memory of the entire experience. We 100% guarantee you will not regret adding videography to your list of special event must-haves. COMPLETE weddings + events have logged thousands of hours on events in Waco and Central Texas, and videography is one of the services we most often hear people say they regret missing out on. With our Waco videography experts on hand at your next special event, you won’t miss a thing. Let our Full-Service team record your event and send you an unforgettable Wedding Day keepsake to mark the occasion and become part of your family’s story and legacy.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Videographers in Waco

The best videography services are executed by a great event videographer. We always recommend doing your research and getting to know the work of the videographers you are interested in, so are able to make a confident decision. Spend time discussing and processing what’s important to you: Do you like the way that they tell a story? Do you want a variety of action shots or still frame photos mixed in? What about music and lighting? As you are viewing examples of their work, do you find yourself drawn into the scene? These are just a few things that will tell you if you have found the perfect videographer for you. A trait that sets a great videographer apart from the crowd is their attention to detail.

Do they notice the details … both big and small? Are present in the moment(s) and aware of you and what your needs are while filming? Finally, the perfect Waco videography professional is most importantly — a professional. It’s essential that they know how to smoothly and discreetly get the very best shots of your event while maneuvering around vendors and without disrupting your guests’ experience. They should be punctual, friendly, and open to feedback. You will not regret taking your time in selecting your wedding videographer, knowing you’ve selected the right person to cover your special event will be worth it!

Why Work with Complete Weddings + Events in Waco Texas

We strive to provide extraordinary special event services that deliver JOY for generations to come.  Our team of Waco videography professionals is ready to work with you and provide you the best possible event experience, so you receive the video you love. Here are a few options we have available for your next event that needs videography in Waco:

Highlight film

These are the best moments of your whole event set to music and include vows and toasts. We make sure we capture everything, including the small details, so you remember all the best moments.

Optional aerial drone footage

With a view from the sky, you can see your event from a whole new perspective. Our videography team is equipped and ready to get you a view that you will love.

Optional second videographer

While one videographer is good, two is better! As a person can only be in one place at a time, with two people capturing your event, you can be sure that you will never miss a special moment!

Optional Love Story

Our Love Story video product is the equivalent of an engagement shoot.  We schedule and capture your Story well in advance of your wedding and have a short HD cinematic movie edited to be shared during your reception on your wedding day!

Complete Weddings + Events in Waco, TX

Complete Weddings + Events is here to make planning and building the perfect package Waco event videography easy. We want to provide you with a stunning event video that keeps your memories alive in beautiful HD video.

While event and wedding videography and delivering Wedding Videos are a key part of our services, we also can offer you help in planning your photography, DJ services, and photo booth options as well. We want to help you with all aspects of planning the perfect event for you.

For the rest of your event, we’re here to help, too — contact us to learn about our other event planning offerings and get started today.



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"The videographer was a joy to have, and very sweet. She was always there to capture the moment, every time I looked up wondering if she had caught that, she did."

- Amanda J.

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