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Why You Shouldn't DJ Your Own Wedding in Waco Texas

Why You Shouldn’t DJ Your Own Wedding


Why You Shouldn’t DJ Your Own Wedding

Why You Shouldn’t DJ Your Own Wedding in Waco, TX

Picture this:

You’ve spent a year and a half planning the wedding of your dreams. You are wearing the perfect dress or tuxedo. You just said ‘I do’ to the man or woman of your dreams and you are the happiest two people in the world. The one expense you decided to skip was the DJ. You have great taste in music and your cousin has a set of speakers you can use, so you decide to be the DJ. All of your friends and family are around you smiling and dancing with bellies full of delicious food from your favorite BBQ joint.

You don’t have a microphone and although that made it a little difficult to organize all 300 guests through the buffet line, I’m sure nobody noticed that 3 tables were skipped. (They waited and were only a little hangry by the time they took matters into their own hands and just jumped in line.)

There is a great song playing. Let’s say it’s Single Ladies by Beyoncé. You are out on the dance floor channeling your best Beyoncé dance moves and, most likely, killing it! Next thing you know, the song is over and the whole room is silent. That’s when you remember that even though this is an incredibly important day, you thought you could just plug your iPod in and be the DJ. You run as though a wild cheetah is after you to get the next song going.

Whew! I don’t think too many people noticed (I’m lying, everyone noticed). But, then you realize that nobody was ready with a microphone for the toasts and other announcements. You try to yell as loud as you can to get your 300 guests to stop talking amongst themselves so grandpa Joe can talk about how beautiful marriage is and how being with your grandma has been the best 50 years of his life. Well, grandpa Joe is 80 and can’t talk very loud, so only the closest 3 tables hear any of the beautiful speech he gives.

This awkward series of toasts go on while the guests slowly get louder because they can’t hear, so they start talking amongst themselves again. Next, it’s time to cut the cake. You yell and wave your hands around like a maniac for 10 minutes before you decide that you don’t care who sees it, you’re doing it anyway.

The evening continues this way until you are so exhausted and stressed about every step of the reception. The party was supposed to end at midnight, but it’s 9:30 and you just want to go to bed.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional DJ:

I’m sure as you read that incredibly long and, at times, over-exaggerated explanation of a wedding with no DJ you thought to yourself “wow, I didn’t even think of all the things a DJ does for a wedding.” The DJ guides the reception and sometimes the ceremony to ensure that everything goes smoothly. They are the MC, impromptu coordinator, music guru and hype man for the bride and groom. To simplify things, here are the 5 reasons you should hire a professional DJ:

  • Equipment:

Professional DJ companies keep their inventory of equipment in tiptop shape. They will provide speakers, microphones, and lighting for the dance floor.

  • Announcements:

Many people don’t realize how many announcements need to be made at a wedding until there isn’t anybody there to do it. The DJ will welcome in the wedding party, announce the newlyweds, organize the buffet line, announce traditions (first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, cake cutting, garter toss, bouquet toss, etc.), and make announcements for the venue and/or coordinator (cars that need to be moved, where to find restrooms, areas to avoid like newly sodded grass, etc.).

  • Entertainment:

Although the DJ isn’t required to entertain the guests, many of them are excellent at setting up games (newlywed game, brown bag dance, etc.), teaching new line dances, hyping up the bride and groom and encouraging guests to shake their groove thing.

  • Timeline:

Whether you decide to hire a coordinator or not, the DJ will help the whole event stay on schedule and keep the timeline that you set during planning. They will make sure to keep track of when traditions need to happen.

  • Music:

This is the part that is obvious. The DJ will make sure to play the music that you want to hear on your wedding night. They tailor each playlist to the couple so the party is a reflection of your personalities. They also do a great job of recommending music for people that don’t have a clue what music they want.

Do your research on Why You Shouldn’t DJ Your Own Wedding

No matter what company you decide to hire for your big day, make sure you know exactly what to expect. Never make assumptions about the kind of equipment they provide and ask lots of questions! Complete Weddings + Events, Waco’s leading provider of event and wedding photographyvideographylightingcoordinationDJ services & photo booth rental.

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Author: Shelby Henion

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