Classic September Wedding | Washington University | St. Louis MO

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All of this rain and gloom has us here at Complete Weddings + Events wishing for the warmer weather of September and early October! If you’re feeling the same way, then you’re in for a treat: we’ve got a classic September wedding today, and after you finish it, not only will you be warm from seeing the sunshine in these photos, but Claire & Jon’s love for each other will warm your heart!

Classic September Wedding | Washington University | St. Louis MO

Claire wowed friends, family, and of course Jon, in her flowing lace gown, with just a hint of sparkle to it. Jon looked dashing in his navy suit and accenting baby blue tie, which matched the bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly! All the groomsmen rocked navy suits with matching ties.

Jon and Claire said ‘I Do’ at the mesmerizing Graham Chapel located within the grounds of Washington University, which is nestled in the heart of St. Louis. Not only is the church itself an architectural piece of history, the grounds surrounding it are absolutely stunning. Our Complete Photographer, Brandy, was able to capture some wonderful photos not only there, but in some other areas around St. Louis as well, including Forest Park!

After running around downtown, Claire, Jon, and their wedding party all headed over to the Clayton Plaza Hotel for their reception! Our Complete DJ, Jacob, was there to get the crowd going for their Grand Entrance, called out all the big moments such as that cake cutting and Claire and Jon’s first dance, and kept the party going for everyone to have a good time!

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St. Louis is a city known for its thriving art and community culture, and our DJs do a perfect job of emulating that; but sometimes, they need a little help. Whether that be with party favors for a school dance, or providing HD lighting for your reception hall, Complete as it all!

Learn more about the Complete Weddings + Events DJs and their experience of doing events in St. Louis. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question, big or small, about the benefits of having a DJ at your event, and what price range you can expect for your date!

Top 15 Best Songs for A Grand Wedding Entrance

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Everyone knows that the Grand Entrance is the way to get the party started! Being introduced for the first time as husband and wife, seeing all of your friends and family welcome you, and of course, dancing it out on the way to your head table! Complete Weddings + Events has worked thousands of weddings, and some of the Best Songs for A Grand Wedding Entrance just don’t go out of style. Check them out below!

Top 15 Best Songs for a Grand Wedding Entrance

Let’s Get It Started – Black Eyed Peas

While this hit is well over 10 years old, that doesn’t stop couples from choosing it as their entrance song! Not only does it have a catchy beat, everyone knows it and can get hyped up with it!

Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars

Is it any surprise to see this one on here? Not really! This hit took center stage in 2014, and we’re still getting down to it. Even I had a entrance dance to Uptown Funk at my friend’s wedding!

Gloria – Laura Branigan

This may seem odd to some of you, but if you’ve been anywhere in St. Louis since June, then you know that the Blues took home the Stanley Cup for the first time in history, and this song exploded onto the scene! It became the anthem for the Blues, and we’re still hearing it today!

Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake

While you may automatically think of Trolls when you hear this song, you can’t deny that it’s a bop! It’s hard not to want to dance when this song comes on!

Marry You – Bruno Mars

Are you shocked to see another Bruno Mars hit on here? You shouldn’t be! Everyone knows his music is some of the best around, and don’t worry, this isn’t the last song he’ll have on this list either.

Bring ‘Em Out – T.I.

Even though this is one of the older songs on our list, (debuted in 2004) we still hear it quite often at weddings. I mean, T.I. is telling everyone what to do, how could you not get excited to see that bride and groom?!

Sugar – Maroon 5

This song became an instant wedding classic when it first hit the scene in 2014, especially with the accompanying music video. Who wouldn’t want Maroon 5 crashing their wedding?!

Best Day of My Life – American Authors

This song also came out in 2014, but took a little while to gain popularity. However, with its upbeat and catchy lyrics, it quickly became a great entrance song!

Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO

Are you a little surprised by this one? I sure am. It’s a good song to jam to, but some people love it enough to make their Grand Entrance with it!

I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

Not going to lie, I am so over this song, but some people aren’t! Ten years down the road and people are still loving it! It’s not as popular as some others, but it still earns a spot on our list!

24K Magic – Bruno Mars

What did I tell ya? We weren’t done with him yet! We can’t forget about 24K Magic, the most recent hit that took the radio by storm. Of course we don’t work a wedding without hearing this one!

Thunderstruck – AC/DC

This one took me by surprise, but after I thought about it, it is a great song! It’s possibly the oldest song we have on this list, but it most definitely goes down in history as a classic rock hit!

Shake Ya Tailfeather – P. Diddy feat. Nelly & Murphy Lee

Alright everyone, in all honesty, I don’t think I’ve ever even heard this song ha! But hey, a lot of DJs have requests to play it for their Grand Entrance (which isn’t surprising since Nelly is from STL!) so it made the list!

Shut Up and Dance – Walk The Moon

Anyone else tired of this song? No? Just me? Guess so, because it’s one of the most reoccurring songs that we get requested for at weddings! Nothing gets the party started quite like this one!

Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO

We round out the list with one of the best dance songs to come out of the early 2010s! This song, without fail, continues to get people out of their chair and onto their feet to celebrate!!

Complete Weddings + Events | St. Louis Top DJs

St. Louis is a city known for its thriving art and community culture, and our DJs do a perfect job of emulating that; but sometimes, they need a little help. Whether that be with party favors for a school dance, or providing HD lighting for your reception hall, Complete as it all!

Learn more about the Complete Weddings + Events DJs and their experience of doing events in St. Louis. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question, big or small, about the benefits of having a DJ at your event, and what price range you can expect for your date!

Top DJs in St. Louis

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Everyone knows that the party doesn’t stop if there’s a phenomenal DJ in control! Complete Weddings + Events is known for having some of the Top DJs in St. Louis, and DJ is just at the top of the iceberg. Our DJs not only provide the soundtrack for your big day, but they also serve as performers, greeters, emcees, party starters, and go-to drink getters! Our Top DJs in St. Louis includes djs who have hundreds, if not thousands, of events under their belt, and love what they do!

Top DJs in St. Louis

Sean Pashia

Sean has the golden voice and the magic moves to get your party going nonstop! Not only does Sean provide exceptional DJ skills at weddings, he also has emceed races and dances!

“I represent the Belleville Main Street Marathon. The booking and communication processes were excellent, and our DJ, Sean Pashia, was stellar. He checked in with us the week before the race to go over details that would ensure his services would run smoothly for our event, and he fulfilled all our requests on race day and provided great energy for our event. We were extremely pleased!” – Sarah W.

“Sean was our DJ and he was beyond amazing. Our guests were out on the dance floor all night. Definitely will recommend Complete to anyone.” – Lauren L.

Aaron McCall

Aaron brings a fresh and hip vibe to your special event! He is popular at weddings, mitzvahs and school functions. Aaron has DJed over 150 events with Complete Weddings + Events, and he always brings his A Game!

“We loved our DJ Aaron!! He was great with the crowd, he tailored to the type of guests we had, he sang and danced with everyone on the floor, he asked my husband and I multiple times throughout the night how things were going or what he could do for us and let us know what was happening next. Overall I can’t imagine the night could have gone any better we are so lucky he was a part of our special day.” – Jesse H.

“Our DJ Aaron was AMAZING! He did everything we asked him to plus more! He was so friendly and genuinely cared about the night going exactly how we imagined (which it did!) Could not have asked for a better DJ :)” – Ashley B.

Jay Burbridge

Jay comes from a theater background so you will love his stage presence and ability to engage guests of ALL ages!! More than that, he loves to help people so will always be there for you from start to finish and pack your dance floor with his energetic personality!

“Jay was wonderful to work with! Before the wedding, he took the time to get to know our family and the kind of ceremony we were wanted. He perfectly executed the music for the processional and recessional. Everything was amazing! We could not have asked for a better partner on our wedding day!” – Jennifer N.

“Jay was so personal with us. He was extremely helpful, making sure to check in periodically to see if we need anything. He even went above and beyond by helping me get my dinner plate back to the table; which to a bride trying not step on her own dress is a big deal. If family asked him to do something he made sure to double check with myself or my husband that it was indeed what we wanted. It felt as though a friend of ours was the DJ that had really great taste in music. Jay was very easy going and understand that weddings don’t go exactly how the bride and groom may have planned out with their timeline and was ready to move with the changes to keep the night moving seamlessly. I would recommend Jay over and over again to anyone whose needs and exceptional DJ for their event. Thank you helping making our night what we wanted!” Nicole P.

Adam Kelso

Adam is a fantastic DJ who has the expertise to read the room early on and get a feel for what everyone wants to hear! He has been DJing for Complete since Fall 2016, from weddings to school dances and birthday parties!

“The music never stopped! Everyone was dancing! I loved that they checked with me throughout the night to get my thoughts on the music and some of the request!” – Lydia H.

“Adam did an absolutely incredible job at our wedding! He was incredible present and followed our timeline and music choices perfectly. He kept the party going and was able to read the vibe of the crowd to keep everyone on the dance floor all night. Amazing job!” – Alli R.

Matt Gentry

Matt is a veteran DJ at Complete that is a master on the mic, amazing crowd involvement and will make sure all your plans are followed so you have an amazing party!

“Our DJ Matt was fantastic. We booked him two days before the wedding because of unfortunate circumstances with the DJ we were going to have. Matt called us and took time to get to know us as a couple before jumping into details of the wedding. He told us exactly how the night would go and was very professional. He played music for both the wedding and reception. During the reception he came up to us multiple times to make sure everything was going okay. I loved how he went around from table to table to ask what songs my guests would want to have played. He made everything family friendly like we asked. It was a great night of celebrating. He even did my father/daughter dance perfectly. We had a slow dance song and broke out into a fun dance. During the fun dance we needed him to turn the music down and he did it at the perfect timing. The night would not have been the same without Matt, and we are so thankful that he was able to do that for us on such short notice! Thank you so much!” – Allison H.

“My 60th birthday party at Andre’s was awesome!!! Matt Gentry was Great!!! I give him a 10 out of 10 rating. He played games, played songs off of my playlist, kept the volume perfect so the guests could talk to one another, and just was a wonderful DJ!!! Thank you Matt!!! I can’t wait to see him again at my daughter’s wedding on May 30th, 2020.” – Kathy H.

Rachel Lebo

Rachel is loved by everyone that she interacts with! She takes the tangle out of your big night by making sure everything runs smoothly and will make sure you and your guests are having a blast! She has a 100% customer satisfaction rating!!

“Rachel Lebo was an awesome DJ, she was very professional and all of our guests loved the music she chose for our wedding reception. She really listened to our input in the planning process and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any couple looking for a great DJ for their wedding.” – Sarah B.

“Our DJ was amazing. Set up a call with us the week before the wedding and was very flexible with the time which was very much appreciated! She did an amazing job at the wedding playing the music we requested and getting on the dance floor for the icebreaker  songs to show everyone how to do the dance. She asked several times throughout the night if there was anything we wanted played and always checked with its for the timeline of important events (e.g. bouquet toss etc).” – Sharon R.

Jason Kolstad

Jason does a superb job of reading the room and being flexible with any changes that may occur along the way so the party keeps moving and you can have a stress free and fun party!

“Our DJ was great! All of our guests have told us how great of a party we had. There were people on the floor at all times and people stayed for the entire reception!” – Dani O.

“Our DJ, Jason, was very well organized and flexible as there was some last minute changes for the order of events during our reception! Not to mention, he went out of his way to get our wedding party drinks and throw away our empty dinner plates for us. He even saw a small spill on the dance floor and cleaned it up! And of course his music selection was great, and he had great judgement on what got the crowd dancing. He was more than just a great DJ, he was an unforgettable addition to our wedding! We are more than happy with the service we received.” – Riley K.

Make sure to check out all of our St. Louis DJs, and find out how you can book them for your upcoming event!

Complete Weddings + Events | St. Louis Top DJs

St. Louis is a city known for its thriving art and community culture, and our DJs do a perfect job of emulating that; but sometimes, they need a little help. Whether that be with party favors for a school dance, or providing HD lighting for your reception hall, Complete as it all!

Make sure you contact Complete Weddings + Events to learn how we can provide the best service for your upcoming wedding or event. Not only do we provide the best DJs in the greater St. Louis area, but we also provide high-quality photography, videography, and photo booth services as well! Learn how Complete can make your event the best party of the year.

Get the Wedding Video of Your Dreams

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Wedding days are truly once-in-a-lifetime events. You’ve most likely seen many of these special days captured on video, but there’s nothing like watching back your own wedding day. You can imagine seeing your partner’s emotions when you aren’t around, your parents or grandparents filled with joy, and your wedding party tearing up the dance floor. But having it all captured to actually rewatch is something you will not regret.

Wedding Video of Your Dreams

As wedding videography in St. Louis has become a more polished production, it has also become more easily accessible for all to have. There may not be as many videographers in St. Louis as there are photographers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a professional videography team to work with at a great price. Whether you dream of a music video-style compilation to highlight the day, or if you’re happy with a simple recording of your ceremony, there’s a spectrum of possibilities to choose from that Complete Weddings + Events can help you with!

Work With Professionals

To create a wedding video that you are actually proud to show your family and friends, hiring a professional videographer is the way to go. While professionally shot video footage may seem overrated in the smartphone era, amateur video phones can’t capture your wedding in the same way a professional can. While it’s tempting to cut wedding costs, hiring an experienced professional on the aspects of your day you get to keep forever is the way to go! Learn more about our professional videographers to help capture the sounds and sights of your day.

Real Wedding Videos in St. Louis

See wedding videos from couples right here in Missouri shot by the team at Complete Weddings + Events. 




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