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The Art of Tipping Wedding Vendors: A Guide to Show Your Appreciation


Planning a wedding is an intricate dance of decisions, from selecting the perfect venue to choosing a menu that will delight your guests. Yet, amidst all the glamour and excitement, it’s important not to forget the unsung heroes of your big day – the wedding vendors. These talented individuals work tirelessly to bring your dream wedding to life. Showing your appreciation by tipping them appropriately is a meaningful way to acknowledge their hard work. Keep reading as we give guidelines for tipping wedding vendors.

Tipping Wedding Vendors: Who To Tip

Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner or coordinator is the orchestrator of your dream day. They work tirelessly to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and they should be recognized for their exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail. A tip of 10-20% of their fee is a common way to show your gratitude.

When to Tip: At the end of the reception.

Makeup & Hairstylist

Tip between 15-25% just as you normally would if you get your hair and makeup done!

When to Tip: At the end of your service.


Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Your photographers and videographers are responsible for capturing the cherished memories of your wedding day. Tipping is not required but is a thoughtful gesture, especially if they have gone above and beyond. Tips for wedding photographers typically average $100 to $200 or you can even provide a personal gift as another nice gesture for their services.

When to tip: At the end of the reception or leave gratuity envelopes with the coordinator.

Wedding DJ

The musicians and DJs set the tone for your celebration. If they’ve entertained your guests throughout the night, consider a tip of 10-20% of their total fee.

When to tip: At the end of the reception or leave gratuity envelopes with the coordinator.

Delivery + Setup

Wedding delivery personnel should be tipped $5-$10 per person, depending on the setup.

When to tip: Upon delivery, or leave cash envelopes with the coordinator or catering manager.

How to Tip Wedding Vendors

  1. Cash: Cash is the most common way to tip wedding vendors. Envelopes with the vendor’s name and a thank-you note can make the gesture more personal.
  2. Check: If you’re uncomfortable carrying large sums of cash, you can write a check to the vendor.
  3. Online Payment: Some vendors accept electronic payments through platforms like Venmo.
  4. Gift: In some cases, a thoughtful gift may be appreciated, especially if you know the vendor’s preferences.

Tipping Wedding Vendors

Tipping wedding vendors is a meaningful way to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication to making your special day perfect. While tipping is customary, it’s essential to remember that it should be based on the quality of service and your budget. Don’t feel pressured to tip if you’ve had a negative experience with a vendor, but for those who have gone above and beyond, a heartfelt tip can make a significant difference. The art of tipping wedding vendors lies in the sentiment behind the gesture, making it a beautiful way to express your gratitude and say “thank you” for their role in creating your dream wedding.

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