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Quarantine Wedding Prep Ideas


We know there are a million things you could be doing during the shelter in place orders. Get the jump on your rescheduled BIG day by knocking out these items before coming out of quarantine. Check out our ideas for Quarantine Wedding Prep!

Quarantine Wedding Prep Ideas in Springfield

Contact Vendors

First off, and MOST importantly, keep in contact with ALL vendors. Once the shelter in place is lifted, reschedule dates will fly off of the shelves. Rescheduling is MUCH safer than Cancelling your wedding. Some vendors may not refund deposits that have already been paid. Many vendors are being extremely helpful and flexible with rescheduling dates.

Music Playlists

During quarantine, this is the perfect time to listen to music. With Complete Springfield, you can provide ALL of your music requests & our DJs will tailor your wedding playlist to your vision!

Topics for Music Searches:

  • Wedding Processional
  • Bride Entrance
  • Wedding Recessional
  • Wedding Party Entrance
  • Cake Cutting
  • First Dance
  • Father-Daughter Dance
  • Mother-Son Dance
  • Anniversary Dance
    • ALL married couples are invited to the dance floor. Request that your DJ dismisses couples by how long they’ve been married, starting with the least amount of years to the greatest, i.e. 5 Years or less, 10 Years or less, etc.
  • Dollar Dance
    • Be prepared to have more than one Dollar Dance song, as the Dollar Dance last much longer than initially expected. Some couples do a fun money theme playlist or a fun, upbeat multigenerational song set! Who says you have to slow dance with your guests during this time?
  • Bouquet Toss & Garter Toss
  • Wedding Reception Ice Breakers / Line Dances
    • Shoe Game is a fun game where two chairs are placed back to back in the middle of the dance floor for the bride and groom to sit in. The couple takes off their shoes and gives one of the shoes to their partner. The DJ will ask a set list of questions and the couple will hold up which shoe they think describes that person’s tendencies.
    • A fun idea to kick off the party is our Snowball Icebreaker! Immediately following the formal dances we will gather the wedding party to the dance floor for a “special choreographed dance”. Of course, the wedding party is confused because they never practiced such a dance. We then explain that when we start the music they will start to dance but when we say “snowball”, they are to go and get a new partner and bring them out on the dance floor. We will announce “snowball” three or four times during the song until the dance floor is packed.
  • Last Dance
    • One of our Favorite ways to end the night is to have ALL guests and non-essential vendors, such as caterers and wedding planners, leave the reception area. This provides an intimately captivating and memorable moment for you and your New Spouse to share.

Dance Lessons

Some local vendors are offering online dance classes. One of our Favorite vendors, Dance with Me, is offering online dance classes. This is the perfect time to prepare for the First Dance! You can also share this info with parents for the Father-Daughter Dance and Mother-Son Dance, and they can practice at home as well!

Save-the-Dates, Invitations, & RSVPs

Still needing to decide on Save-the-Dates, Invitations, RSVPs, or other paper products for your wedding? This is a great time to gather ideas and finalize your guest list! The internet has a TON of inspiration that can help hone your vision when it comes to colors, style, design, and what types of wedding stationery you need or want. People sometimes have the misconception that local stationery stores will be more expensive which isn’t always true! So don’t forget to shop local and go online or give businesses like Paperworld Stationer a call! They will be able to help guide you with etiquette, printing, designs, and ideas on cost-saving measures!

Fun Post-Quarantine Idea – “Now that we’re out of quarantine, RSVP again!”

Decorations – Ceremony & Reception

There are several tutorials and Pinterest ideas for creating Ceremony & Reception decor. Not into DIY then give Elegant Linens and Rentals, The Vintage Rental Company, or Eventful Rentals a call!

  • Centerpieces:
    • This is the perfect time to empty some bottles for centerpieces! 😉 Painted or decorated wine bottles create a lovely, yet simple, centerpiece.
  • Photo Display:
    • Go through photos of you and your fiance to create a photo display for both the Ceremony and Reception. You can create a slideshow set to some music or do something more decorative with frames, pallets, or old windows.
  • Table Numbers:
    • Put those unused picture frames to good use! Using an empty frame with painted numbers, or fun names creates a unique display.
  • Bride & Groom titles for head table chairs.
  • Aisle Decor, such as fake flowers, stars with ribbons, or hand-painted signs. Create a hand-painted Welcome sign and/or signs for each row. Make some signs for the bar, children’s activities, the guest book, and cards.
  • Card Box
    • Buy a plain wooden box or bin from the hardware or craft store. Be even safer and order one from Amazon (minimal outside contact)!

Wedding Favors

  • D.I.Y. Wedding Favors are trending now more than ever!
    • Homemade Jam
    • Herb Infused Salt
    • Mini-Succulents
    • Personalized Cups – stickers placed on cups
    • Signs to attach to single shots of alcohol
    • D.I.Y. decorated boxes or bags to hold candy

Wedding Bod Prep

Pre-Wedding workouts are more essential now than ever! During quarantine, people’s activity has dramatically increased. Gyms are closed and we are bored at home. Check out some workouts on YouTube or Pinterest for some great ideas to stay in shape. Who doesn’t want to look and feel their best on their Wedding Day?!

Post-Wedding Storage

Be prepared! Many people come home with Tons of items leftover from the Ceremony and Reception. Where are you going to keep them? Plan your storage during this downtime by designating bins and space for these items until you can sort through all of the leftovers.

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