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Walk Into Your Reception

How to Walk Into Your Reception Like a Boss!!


Yay, the wedding ceremony is finally over! Now, it’s time for your grand entrance as a married couple. Walking into your wedding reception is kind of a big deal, and it’s important to think about how you want to be introduced and make your entrance! These days, not only your videographer and photographer will be capturing this moment but also a room full of smartphones, and could possibly be shared over multiple media platforms, no pressure though!


Don’t worry, there is no need to spend hours looking through wedding wire forums and YouTube videos. At Complete Weddings + Events, we’ve witnessed choreographed dances to a sports-themed props/ commentary grand entrance. Since we’ve seen it all we put together the perfect guide on how to walk into your reception like a boss!

Don’t be afraid to be goofy. If it’s not a little awkward when you walk into your wedding reception you’re not doing it right. You have to fully commit, and remember that everyone is there to celebrate YOU! When the guests see you having fun, it automatically sets the tone for the rest of the reception. Comedy is your friend!

Get the whole bridal party on board. The newlyweds are the main attractions, but it’s more fun for everyone when the bridal party gets involved to build up the momentum for the couple’s big announcement! Encourage them to get creative, and props are always a fun addition. Sunglasses, hats, or switching outfits (pending both parties are on board) can take the grand entrance to the next level! Props help take some of the pressure off because there’s something else for people to focus on, and they help spur creativity!

Be yourself! Some couples want to go for the wow factor and others go for fun but laid-back vibe-but whatever you do, make sure it feels authentic for you. At the end of the day, you want to be comfortable and able to enjoy YOUR moment to its fullest.

If dancing isn’t your thing, you can use dramatic lighting to take your moment to the next level. Complete Weddings + Events wireless uplights can really make a wow factor as you walk into your reception. From a classic feel with your reception bathed in a beautiful glow, or neon flashing lights for the rockstars out there.


Now, let’s look at some epic entrances (and fails) to get inspired for what TO DO and NOT TO DO.  If being outrageous isn’t your style, here are some entrances even your grandma can get behind.

Let’s take a look at the video that inspired people to start getting more creative with their entrances: The JK Wedding Dance Entrance. Granted this is a wedding entrance, not a reception, but with over 97 million YouTube views it’s deserving of a mention! If you have been living under a rock and haven’t seen this yet, you’re in for a treat! It has it all – the whole bridal party, props, music, authenticity and most of all FUN! Enjoy!


Who doesn’t love a good riding lawn mower entrance? Now that’s authentic!


DO have a wedding party dance party once the bride & groom make their entrance!


DO learn choreographed bridal party dance moves/dance-offs!


DON’T knock the bridesmaid over!


We hope you are inspired to create your own unique moments! Once you have your ideas ready, you can work with your DJ to play the perfect soundtrack as you and your bridal party walk in. Our DJs have all of the best playlists to make your entrance one for the books! The best part is, you get to decide because after all, it’s all about you! Happy wedding planning. If you’re ready to get your party started from photography, videography, DJs, photo booth, or lighting, contact Complete Weddings + Events. We would love to help you celebrate your special day!

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