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Hannah + Chris | Proposal Story & Wedding | Haseltine Estates | COMPLETE | Springfield MO


June 11, 2016 started out like any other day. Chris cooked breakfast while I got ready for the day. Little did I know that day would forever change the rest of mine and his life.

Chris had surprised me by arranging for my mom and I to get our nails done, and also by booking couples massages for he and I later that day. I didn’t find it odd or think anything of it because he would do sweet things like that for me from time to time.

Later that evening we had planned going to the Relay for Life, but he knew what he had planned would require me to dress up, so he made up some story that we would be making an appearance at one of his friend concerts so we had to look nice.

Walks in the park was something we did frequently because it gave us time with just the two of us to talk. He suggested we go for a walk before our festivities of the night, I again thought nothing of it.

We got to Nathaniel Green Park and about halfway through the walk we took a detour into some grassy meadows. Chris started acting a little strange and began telling me how much he loved me, and life couldn’t be more perfect since he met me. We rounded a corner and saw a big group of people holding up signs and balloons. Me trying to listen to him and not paying attention, he asks “what’s that?” I said “I don’t know, looks like a birthday party to me!” We got closer and I finally realized that was both our families holding those balloons and signs that said, “Will you Marry me? #FOREVERGIBSON” He dropped to his knees, asked me to marry him, I started crying and exclaimed “yes of course”.

I couldn’t be more happy with the person I chose to spend the rest of my life with. He is my best friend, and my other half.

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