Nick and Megan 8.10.19

They say that it’s good luck to rain on your wedding, and August 10th was definitely one of the stormiest days of the year. It was also one of our busiest. We had all of our DJ’s, a couple of our photographers, our videographers and our photo booth all braving the storm as we served couples on their wedding night. About half of our DJs even ended up losing electricity that night! But, out of all of the weddings we were a part of, there was one wedding in particular at the Glover Mansion that stayed brilliant, and we can’t stop thinking was absolutely perfect. From seeing the love in the bride and groom’s eyes at the first look, to the dance floor that every guest worked up a sweat on, we could see that this was the start of Megan and Nick Peterson’s Happily Ever After.

Megan was absolutely stunning that night. She wore a long flowing gown that was simple, yet elegant. Atop her head, she proudly showed off her royal elegance with a floral crown of white roses with a veil to flow behind. By her side stood her bridesmaids wearing lovely dresses of champagne and floral embroidery. All of team bride wore their hair down with loose long curls flowing down.

To match his bride, Nick stood dashingly in his tuxedo with his champagne bow tie to keep match with the colors of the night. The groom casually wore his hair up in a full bun throughout the night. To back him up, the groomsmen wore matching tuxes with solid black bow ties.

As Mr. and Mrs. Peterson got to enjoy the night that was truly about them, we got to do what we do best. Serve them, and make sure they partied like them! We had our Photographer Paul, and our Videographer Bogdan there every step of the way to capture their night, and the emotion held back in every look they gave each other. To keep the flow of the night, DJ Keith was at the helm and kept the guests entertained throughout the night!

Megan and Nick Peterson, once again, a few months later, congratulations! And remember, its good luck to rain on your wedding night!

Top 10 Songs for any Wedding Dance Floor


We compiled the top songs from our wedding DJs to make the ultimate dance floor playlist. It’s your DJs job to make customize a playlist, sometimes on the spot, to what you and your guests are enjoying that night, but it’s definitely a great idea to be prepared with a few must-play songs. These must-play songs are the tunes that give you and your crew the best vibes or a song you and your partner have a special connection with. Maybe the bridesmaids know every word to a Fergie song, or you and your bae have a silly dance to a certain One Direction song. Either way, spill the tea and share these special songs with your DJ! Your Spokane DJ will be able to help you with more recommendations based on your tastes and the songs that you enjoy the most.


Our complete playlist of top dance floor songs includes oldies like “Play That Funky Music” to songs from this decade like “#SELFIE” to help you find your must-play songs, but we’ve narrowed down our favorites below. 

Our Top 10 Wedding Dance Floor Songs

Our team has skimmed down the complete Spotify playlist to our top 10 songs that wedding guests in the PNW have been loving!



Find the complete playlist of wedding dance floor songs on Spotify here. Review these top songs to find the must-plays that speak to you for your event. Then contact us to reserve a DJ for your event to allow your dream soundtrack come to life. We can’t wait to see what songs you choose on our online event planner to create the best dance floor for you!

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