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How to Start Wedding Planning in Spokane


You’re either newly engaged or just starting to wedding plan again after the last few months of being stuck inside. Either way, congrats and hopefully the wedding planning experience can be a great one!! 🙂 Wedding planning can be a very stressful process but it can also be tons of fun. This blog will give you some things to consider when wedding planning in Spokane, Wa!


How to Start Wedding Planning in Spokane?

Step 1: Create a Vision When You’re Planning a Wedding

The very first thing you need to do is figure out what kind of wedding you want! Think about the look and feel you’d like the venue to be, the kind of food you want at the reception, and budget some things out. Trust us, Google sheets or Excel will be your best friend when putting everything together in one place! It’s always good to have an idea of what you’re looking for before jumping in.

Step 2: Find Your Venue and Pick a Wedding Date

Finding a venue should always be one of the first things you do. Based on what you’re looking for, whether it’s a vintage-looking venue, ballroom style, or a country club you’ll have no issues finding a venue to fall in love within Spokane. However, remember to be flexible with your wedding date as the date may change based on the venue’s availability. Once you have your venue, you can officially pick the date and begin to find your vendors!


Step 3: Find Your Necessary Vendors

Once you have your venue it’s important to lock down the vendors that are most necessary the quickest! These vendors, much like the venue, have more limited availability which means you’ll want to make this a priority quickly after the venue is secured. Vendors like your Spokane photographerDJ, wedding planner, videographer, etc. are vendors you need to lock up quickly and will often even be recommended to you by your venue!

Step 4: Have Some Fun With The Details!

After you’ve locked up your venue and most necessary vendors it’s time to have some fun and plan out some details that you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Things like your wedding dress, wedding cake (or cupcakes/donuts), and decor are extremely fun things to plan and pick out and now it’s time to tackle these details! With some of the stressful details put away, this should be a very fun part of the planning.

Winter Wedding at Elkins Resort

Brenda and Len Celebrated their beautiful North Idaho mountain winter wedding in early February up at Elkins Resort in Priest Lake, Idaho. We had the absolute privilege of being alongside Mr. and Mrs. Pedersen as they tied the knot, having our Spokane photographer Brooke capture those special moments, DJ Keith maintaining the flow of the night and entertaining guests and Taven assisting guests with the Photo Booth

These two demonstrated their love for the mountains and winter by how they decorated the venue and how they dressed. Brenda wore an elegant lace dress with a design that resembled an icy vine. With it, she wore a beautiful white fur shawl to keep her warm and add that extra touch of royalty. Throughout the night, she carried a simple, yet exquisite white rose bouquet.

Winter Wedding at Elkins Resort

To go along with the mountainous winter wedding theme, the bridesmaids wore a beautiful navy blue dress along with some black leggings. They were prepared for the cold weather as they stood with Brenda and layered up with a fur shawl over their shoulders and some winter boots for the snowy ceremony. The ladies also carried with them a bouquet of white roses along with the bride.

The ladies, however, weren’t the only ones dressed like royalty. The groom, Len, wore a three-piece suit of white and gray. On the outermost layers, he wore a gray jacket to go along with his gray slacks. Below that, he brought the winter by wearing a white button-up and a classy white vest. To accessorize, he brought it all together with a white tie and a beautiful white rose boutonniere.

The men on his side followed suit. They wore gray jackets and slacks to match Len. They also wore white shirts but wore a blue vest to bring back the colors of navy and white. All of the groomsmen, along with the groom himself, defended themselves against the snow by wearing snow boots.

This wedding was absolutely beautiful! From the gorgeous wintery Northern Idaho scenery to the bride, groom and their party that dressed like royalty as they celebrated through the night. Check out some of the pictures below to see why this truly was a spectacular wedding!

Above all, Brenda and Len Pedersen, once again, congratulations!

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First Dance Songs by Spokane DJs


We have a mix of popular first dance songs, and newly released songs that are soon to be heard at a wedding near you! Our Spokane DJs have compiled a playlist of these first dance songs for you to review to help make your selection for your wedding day. 

Choosing an Engagement and Wedding Ring in Spokane

Engagement and Wedding Ring bands represent a commitment to your partner and a constant reminder of your love story. For many people, a wedding ring is the most expensive piece of jewelry they’ll ever own. It’s also one they’ll wear daily, so it’s important to get right! It’s no wonder that it’s become more common to choose your own ring style rather than leaving it up to your partner to decide. While some couples may still go the traditional route, increasingly the ring-wearers are playing an active role in the selection process.


Before you decide on where you’ll make the big purchase, how much you’ll spend, or whether you want a vintage ring, take some time to understand the different styles and designs available. Once you have a sense of what best fits your personality and lifestyle, you can begin shopping. Some local engagement ring and jewelry stores in Spokane include Clark’s Diamond Jewelers, Jewelry Design Center, and TamRon Jewelry Design. First, we have aspects to review before making a choice on something you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life!

Unique Spokane Wedding Photos of 2019

We’ve had a tremendous year here in the Northwest, and we hope 2019 is marked as remarkable year for you too! Whether you were engaged, married, or helped immensely in event or wedding planning, let’s not leave 2019 in the dust just yet. Our collection of Spokane’s unique wedding photos of 2019 is a great way to look back on the year fondly. We found photos outside the typical romantic vibes to highlight unique moments in weddings we’ve captured. These photos feature aspects of the wedding beyond just the bride and groom, but you know they always steal the spotlight in the end! 


Unique Wedding Photos of 2019 – Our Uncommon Edition

Enjoy the best of 2019 Spokane weddings with our favorites in wedding day details, newlywed style, bridesmaid and groomsmen looks, and spunky additions that helped make these 2019 weddings unique.


Wedding at The Glover Mansion

They say that it’s good luck to rain on your wedding, and August 10th was definitely one of the stormiest days of the year. It was also one of our busiest. We had all of our DJ’s, a couple of our photographers, our videographers and our photo booth all braving the storm as we served couples in the Spokane area on their wedding night. About half of our DJs even ended up losing electricity that night! But, out of all of the weddings we were a part of, there was one wedding in particular at the Glover Mansion that stayed brilliant, and we can’t stop thinking was absolutely perfect. From seeing the love in the bride and groom’s eyes at the first look, to the dance floor that every guest worked up a sweat on, we could see that this was the start of Megan and Nick Peterson’s Happily Ever After.

Megan was absolutely stunning that night. She wore a long flowing gown that was simple, yet elegant. Atop her head, she proudly showed off her royal elegance with a floral crown of white roses with a veil to flow behind. By her side stood her bridesmaids wearing lovely dresses of champagne and floral embroidery. All of team bride wore their hair down with loose long curls flowing down.

To match his bride, Nick stood dashingly in his tuxedo with his champagne bow tie to keep match with the colors of the night. The groom casually wore his hair up in a full bun throughout the night. To back him up, the groomsmen wore matching tuxes with solid black bow ties.

As Mr. and Mrs. Peterson got to enjoy the night that was truly about them, we got to do what we do best. Serve them, and make sure they partied like them! We had our Photographer Paul, and our Videographer Bogdan there every step of the way to capture their night, and the emotion held back in every look they gave each other. To keep the flow of the night, DJ Keith was at the helm and kept the guests entertained throughout the night!

Megan and Nick Peterson, once again, a few months later, congratulations! And remember, its good luck to rain on your wedding night!

Top Spokane Wedding Dance Floor Songs


We compiled the top songs from our Spokane wedding DJs to make the ultimate dance floor playlist. It’s your DJs job to make customize a playlist, sometimes on the spot, to what you and your guests are enjoying that night, but it’s definitely a great idea to be prepared with a few must-play songs. These must-play songs are the tunes that give you and your crew the best vibes or a song you and your partner have a special connection with. Maybe the bridesmaids know every word to a Fergie song, or you and your bae have a silly dance to a certain One Direction song. Either way, spill the tea and share these special songs with your DJ! Your Spokane DJ will be able to help you with more recommendations based on your tastes and the songs that you enjoy the most.


Our complete playlist of top Top Wedding Dance Floor Songs includes oldies like “Play That Funky Music” to songs from this decade like “#SELFIE” to help you find your must-play songs, but we’ve narrowed down our favorites below. 

Our Top 10 Wedding Dance Floor Songs

Our team has skimmed down the complete Spotify playlist to our top 10 songs that wedding guests in the PNW have been loving!



Find the complete playlist of wedding dance floor songs on Spotify here. Review these top songs to find the must-plays that speak to you for your event. Then contact us to reserve a DJ for your event to allow your dream soundtrack come to life. We can’t wait to see what songs you choose on our online event planner to create the best dance floor for you!

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