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Wedding photography 2020 trends


Wedding photography 2020 trends

Wedding Photography Sioux City

With social distancing the new norm, many photographers and videographers have found themselves to be the sole guests at weddings. While this isn’t exactly the norm, weddings are definitely smaller and the focus has shifted (at least for now). The latest trends are all about the Mr & Mrs. for wedding photography Sioux City.


Even so, if some family members can’t be there for their own safety, the next best thing the newlyweds can offer is to share the amazing day through captured moments.


In this post, we take a look at our favorite wedding photography trends for 2020 – Let’s make some dreams come true!

Intimate – The Minimony

Not exactly a micro wedding (as we recently blogged about), the Minimony takes intimate to the next level. In Sioux City, Minimonies are a commitment ceremony held between you and your partner, and a few close friends and family.


While the trend has developed due to the uncertainty around the pandemic, and many couples are still planning a reception when things normalize, we actually really love it!


Imagine an intimate day, just you and your loved ones, everything you wanted still there, the dress, the decor, the love, just minus all the stress. The photography is equally intimate and captures every emotion. We really hope the trend is here to stay.

The Stay-at-Home Wedding

If you’ve chosen to postpone the big church ceremony and wedding reception until the restrictions are lifted, you’re not alone. But, you don’t have to wait to be Mrs, many couples have decided to pull a few strings with the help of close family to have a Stay-at-Home Wedding.


Why do we love this trend? Well, first of all, having your nuptials at home means you’re getting married where your heart is. Capturing these moments through photography is priceless. The bride and groom are so relaxed, and it’s the most special family gathering, at home. Not soon to be forgotten.


In addition, here in Sioux City, Iowa we have some beautiful country properties that make stunning backdrops for any wedding photography. Trust us, a stay-at-home wedding shoot has all the elements for stunning photography. Pets are welcome, too!

The Quirky Pop-up Wedding

You’ve seen the fun photos, the quirky props, the happy faces… and queue the pop-up wedding! This super creative, anything goes wedding gets a “Hell Yeah” from us! It’s a photographers dream, and these intimate weddings have been gaining popularity.


If you’ve got your own ideas of how you’d like to arrange your pop up wedding, that’s great, but for those who want a fun day minus the stress, there are organizers who have a passion for creating your dream pop-up wedding.


We’ve photographed a number of pop-up weddings in Sioux City, Iowa, and even helped set up photo booths to add to the atmosphere.


If you’ve never really seen yourself having a traditional wedding, this could be a trend to keep your eye on for 2020.

Wedding Photography Sioux City

The Social Media Wedding

The Social Media Wedding is going to boom, no matter what type of wedding you choose to have, live streaming the event for all your loved ones has become a must! The bonus to planning for a Social Media Wedding is that you can ask your guests to pack away their phones and just enjoy the moment (especially at the ceremony).


You could ask one or two of your closest friends to snap some shots for the gram and hold the phone to live stream, or just leave it all to the professionals. You opt to have a dedicated live streaming camera capturing every moment in HD and sharing the moment with those far away.


We love this trend as it incorporates a part of our lives that people have started keeping away from weddings. Yes, we agree, 30 smartphones snapping away can ruin a professional photographer’s shot (and the moment!), but incorporating social media in a professional way – that gets a big thumbs up from us.


Wedding Photography Sioux City

The Back to Nature Wedding

With the new social distancing norm, a beach wedding, or somewhere in the National and State Parks, has never been more appropriate. Get some fresh air and the best photography backdrop a girl could ask for.


Sioux City is home to the stunning Missouri River where you can find numerous beautiful settings to host your event. We have to say that our favorite outdoor weddings have been a combination of a pop-up wedding style in a great location.

Hitched – The Postponed Wedding

And finally, if you can’t get it all arranged due to restrictions, but you really want to get married – why not just get hitched! This is the ultimate display of love and commitment, and just as worthy of being captured and shared with your loved ones.

Wedding Photography Sioux City

No matter what wedding you choose, Complete Weddings + Events, Sioux City will be with you all the way, making sure your dream wedding becomes a reality. We’re excited to see what the rest of 2020 holds, but so far, love has prevailed.


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