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How to choose a wedding DJ

How to choose a wedding DJ


The question of how to choose a wedding DJ that will enhance your event (not their own image) is one of the most important decisions you will make during wedding planning.

For most engaged couples, entertainment is the make or break factor in determining the success of their event, so this is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Choosing the right DJ for your wedding is way more important than just the lowest price.

When it comes to wedding DJs, you’ll always be able to find someone who’s willing to do the job for pennie’s. But what kind of quality are you going to get? This is your wedding! You only have one chance to do it right.

At Complete Weddings + Events, we’ve built our entire brand on making sure that our clients are the highest priority, their visions are heard and that they have the day they have been dreaming of. We want every couple to have a beautiful wedding experience that they can look back on with fondness and excitement. So without further delay here is how to choose a wedding DJ.


1. Personality

If we could only give you one tip, it would be this!

Your DJ is going to be responsible for setting the tone of the evening. If you have a boring DJ…that means a boring wedding.

A DJ’s personality is the most important clue you’re going to get. Instead of relying on emails and texts, meet with your DJ in person to talk about your vibe, needs, and favorite music. This will help you decide whether they can create the party atmosphere you’re looking for.

2. Check with your Venue

Does your venue have a preferred DJ? If so, that DJ probably knows the venues acoustics and any special concerns. You might not decide to go with that DJ, but their preferred DJ should be on your interview list. We have spent the last few years building our relationships with many venues in the Sioux City area including Country Celebrations, Sioux City Country Club, Stoney Creek Hotel and others. That means that not only are you getting a DJ that you trust, but one that the venue highly recommends.

3. Flexibility

Any DJ who specializes in weddings will end up working a lot of them, so they need to be organized. But when those plans go awry, they also need to be flexible.

An organized DJ has a copy of the evening’s timeline so they can keep events on track. But if the bride and groom are an hour late, they should be able to adapt on the fly so that you and your guests are able to enjoy the evening without feeling rushed (with plenty of time for dancing).


Hiring a wedding DJ is one decision that makes a huge impact on your big day.

So much of your wedding day—from the ceremony to the reception—hinges on having the perfect atmosphere to set the mood. The wrong DJ can easily kill that vibe with the wrong song selection, a misspoken word, or a missed opportunity.

Hire a cheap wedding DJ and you’ll find it to be the worst money you’ve ever saved. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Make sure you do it up right.

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