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Kid-Friendly vs. Adults-Only Weddings

Kid-Friendly vs. Adults-Only Weddings


Deciding between kid-friendly vs adults-only weddings is a significant choice that impacts the atmosphere and planning of your big day. Both options have their unique charms and challenges, and understanding these can help you make the best choice for your wedding in Washington.

Pros and Cons of Kid-Friendly and Adults-Only Weddings

A kid-friendly wedding is a joyful and inclusive choice. It allows families to celebrate together, bringing a certain liveliness and innocence to the event. However, it also means considering child-friendly menus, entertainment, and possibly childcare.

On the other hand, an adults-only wedding often provides a more formal and uninterrupted atmosphere, allowing guests and the couple to revel in a more grown-up setting. This option can simplify logistics but might require sensitive communication with guests who have children.

Tips for Hosting Kid-Friendly Weddings

If you opt for a kid-friendly wedding, think about ways to keep the young guests entertained. This could include a special kids’ area with games and activities, a child-friendly menu, and maybe even a separate room for naps and downtime. Hiring professional child-minders or entertainers can also ensure that the children are safe and engaged.

Etiquette for Adults-Only Weddings

For an adults-only wedding, clarity in your invitations is key. Politely state that the wedding will be an adult-only event. Provide information on local babysitting services or arrange a group child-minding service at a nearby location to assist out-of-town guests who may be traveling with children.

Considerations for Mixed-Age Guest Lists

If you’re considering a mix of both, plan your wedding with different age groups in mind. This might include a quiet area for older guests to chat and a designated space for younger guests to play or watch movies.

Whether you choose a kid-friendly or an adults-only wedding, the most important aspect is that the day reflects the desires and personalities of you and your partner. Remember, your wedding day is a celebration of your love and should be enjoyed by all your guests, no matter their age.

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