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Wedding Traditions You Don’t Have to Incorporate Into Your Wedding


There is absolutely nothing wrong with tradition but veering away from wedding traditions when it comes to wedding planning can help your biggest day more unique. Planning your wedding day should be about what you and your significant other want to do – not because people have done it in the past. Here are a few wedding traditions we think you should consider NOT doing.

Wedding Traditions You Don’t Have to Incorporate Into Your Wedding

Matching Bridesmaid Dresses

This has to be one of the most controversial topics when it comes to choosing bridesmaids dresses. To be blunt, body types vary and what looks great on one bridesmaid, may look terrible on another. Finding one single dress style that flatters all of your bridesmaids is nearly impossible. Giving your bridesmaids a certain shade or color palette to go with but letting them choose the style makes them feel like they have a say in your special day. It is almost guaranteed that they will feel confident and love the dress they will wear while celebrating your big day!

One-Gender Bridal Parties

We believe that if you are close to your brother, have a male best friend, etc., put them in your bridal party! There should not be any reservations when it comes to choosing who is and who isn’t in your bridal party. If you have a close relationship with them and want to incorporate them into your wedding party, DO IT.

Not Seeing Each Other Before the Ceremony

It is considered “bad luck” to see your significant other before the ceremony. Today, however, many couples have decided to do a “first look” after they are done getting ready. This is a super special moment between the two of you. The romantic moments together help ease the nerves you may have, and they make for priceless photographs!

The Bride’s Family Taking on the Finances

Past tradition states that the Bride’s family should take on the burden of paying for the wedding. The. Entire. Thing. There are many aspects that go into paying for a wedding; the venue, catering, photographers, the dress, vendors, floral, and other rentals. No one person or family should take on this amount of costs. The cost should be split based on the financial situations of the two families, and some couples even take on all or a portion of the cost themselves.

Buying a New Wedding Dress

This tradition may seem a bit odd for some of you. I once spoke with a photographer who had eloped with her fiancé. She had bought a used wedding dress. By using, I mean she was the fourth person to wear it. She referenced that this one single dress had “now seen four different love stories.” How special! If you love a used dress, by all means, buy it – because it, too, has seen someone else’s special love story.

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