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The Difference Between a Wedding Planner vs Day of Wedding Coordinator


A wedding is one hell of an event to coordinate.

It’s safe to say that the majority of couples need a little help when it comes to planning the biggest day of their lives – especially for essential elements like the wedding venue, invitations, dresses – you name it. But at the same time, they also need help pulling things together on the day of the event itself.

Difference Between Wedding Planner vs Day of Wedding Coordinator in San Antonio, TX

A wedding planner or coordinator prepares you for everything beforehand: They help you to choose the venue, the dress, the flowers. Day of wedding coordinator does everything else that might happen on the physical day of the event so that everything goes the way it’s meant to.

Are you about to get married or currently planning your wedding?

Here’s what you should know about the difference between a wedding planner vs day of wedding coordinator in San Antonio – and why it’s advised for couples planning for their perfect day to hire both.

What Do They Do?

First, let’s talk about their job descriptions.

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner does what it sounds like. This is the expert couples want to hire in order to make sure their wedding goes well. Anything you need to plan before your wedding happens – and any element that you can think of ahead of time as crucial to the perfect wedding – are the jobs you’ll source to your wedding planner.

The dress, the venue, the music, the people; then the PA system, the date, the transport and the flowers and decor. These are things generally left to the expertise of the wedding planner. The wedding planner is also the expert that aids in the financial planning part of the wedding. Set your budget, and discuss this with your planner to make sure that you’re able to stay within a set budget.

Rely on your wedding planner to set your plans in stone. From there, it might be appropriate to ask your wedding planner to recommend the best day of wedding coordinator that they know of. Often, they have recommendations for colleagues and contacts which can assist.

Day of Wedding Coordinator in San Antonio

Day of wedding coordinator in San Antonio, TX often works together with your wedding coordinator, but for the finer points of wedding planning that can only be done on the day of the wedding. They take care of anything and everything that’s important on the day of the wedding – including things such as the:




seating arrangements


A day of wedding coordinator can also be called a crucial addition to your wedding planning team for anything that might go wrong on the wedding day. Plenty of potential situations are possible on the day of the wedding; to make sure you have all of them covered, hire both.

What Can I Ask of Each?

 Couples about to get married have many questions related to their wedding day. Here’s a clearer guide covering what you can ask your planner and day of wedding coordinator so that you know which to call when you need to know something or ask.

Questions for the Wedding Planner

The wedding planner takes care of long-term plans related to your wedding day. They set the specifics of your wedding in stone – usually so that you have peace of mind, and so that your day of wedding coordinator doesn’t find themselves overwhelmed by what has to be done.

Ask your wedding planner about things that need to be planned before the wedding day. There are many things that could fall into these categories – and without having to list them, you likely have a very good idea of what these things might be. Anything else? That’s for your day of wedding coordinator instead. 

Questions for the Day of Wedding Coordinator

Make sure that your day of wedding coordinator has your wedding coordinator’s number – always. If you intend on hiring both, they are two parts of the same plan – even though each of them might be working on different elements at different times. Communication between these is essential; that’s why it’s recommended that you ask the one to recommend someone they know for the other position.

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