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Tips For Planning Your Wedding Reception Music

Tips For Planning Your Wedding Reception Music


The music that your DJ plays at your wedding is one of the most important aspects of the day. Here are some tips for Wedding Reception Music that will help make your guests want to dance all night long!

Tips For Planning Your Wedding Reception Music in San Antonio, Texas

Hear Wedding Reception Music First:

It’s absolutely necessary to see and hear your musicians before you book them. Prior to signing any papers be sure to ask for a videotape and/or sample, or if you can, see them perform live. If you’ve been given a demo CD, make sure you find out who exactly is on the recording — which singers, how many instruments.

Think About Overtime:

Bands and DJs are typically hired for a certain number of hours, but if you think your reception might last longer, consider booking them for the appropriate amount. If you spontaneously decide to have them stay longer, you could incur steep overtime fees.

Contract Cues:

You must get everything in writing! This includes:

  • names and contact information of your performers’
  • wedding date and location
  • hours the musicians should play

Agree on the total price and costs for overtime. Document requests for the number and length of breaks.

Ask for Wedding Reception Music Suggestions From Your Guests

To truly personalize your wedding reception music, get your guests involved. Your guest list is unique to your wedding, and those who’ll be attending likely have a few songs they’d love to hear during the reception. To give your playlist a twist, take song requests from your friends and family. If you’re open to incorporating their suggestions, use your wedding website to gather their opinions. Include a link to a Google Form that asks your guests to submit song requests they’d like to hear. Not only will this get them excited for your reception, but it’ll also take some of the planning out of your hands.

Incorporate DJs’ Most Requested Wedding Songs:

If you need inspiration, consult the experts. DJs and bands know exactly what songs get crowds excited and they also know which tunes to avoid if you don’t want the dance floor to thin out. Consult this list of DJ’s most requested wedding songs to discover tunes you might not have initially thought to include on your playlist. While you want your music selections to reflect you and your spouse, your guests will appreciate hearing those comforting, classic songs that are known to get and keep the party going.

The Do-Not-Play List

Probably more important than your “play” list — make your DJ or band swear up and down that they will follow it no matter how bad your guests want a certain song played. There is a specific reason you don’t want this list played – stick to it.

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