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Things To Avoid When It Comes to Your Wedding Music

Things To Avoid When It Comes to Your Wedding Music


The music selection for your wedding is highly personal and while your professional DJ has the responsibility for entertaining your guests, there are some areas that the wedding couple can assist with to ensure that the soundtrack for their big day hits the right notes.  Here is a shortlist of easily avoidable wedding music challenges.

Things To Avoid When It Comes to Your Wedding Music in San Antonio

Not Playing Songs Your Guests Want to Hear

Your wedding day music reflects your musical tastes, and part of being the host includes catering to the crows for some part of the celebration.  Starting early with a little swing music and early rock-n-roll hits or classic rock will often bring out people from the wedding party that wouldn’t have otherwise hit the dance floor.  But once the night wears on, and it’s just the die-hard party animals, the DJ literally can turn on whatever music you want and jam out.

Sticking to Just One Genre … Don’t do it

Make sure to take all guests into consideration when selecting wedding reception music, especially if you have a diverse audience. Talk to your DJ about the breakdown of your crowd so they can suggest cross-generational hits to keep things lively for everyone.  Once the dance floor has opened up for the evening, keep the energy up with a majority of up-tempo songs. “You can get away with a few more mid-tempo tunes interspersed throughout, but nothing sucks the energy off a dance floor like too many slow love songs.

Not Including “Play” and “Do Not Play” Lists

At Complete Weddings + Events, each of our couples has access to an online Event Manager that they can use to communicate their expectations including songs to choose that are Must Play and Do Not Play. Our DJ event staff and operations manager has access to your planning forms throughout and during your planning and event and are very helpful in making sure we are fully prepared for your wedding celebration.

Choosing Songs With Awkward or Inappropriate Lyrics

It’s important to avoid music with cringe-worthy lyrics, especially when it comes to your special dances. Our standard approach is to play only radio edit music at weddings and special events striving to keep things classy as possible.

The Music Is Too Loud

Who doesn’t like a solid baseline?!?!  But ideally, you want to send guests home with favors and fond memories, not a pounding migraine!  Strive to keep the sound level reasonable since not everyone will be able to appreciate a dance club type atmosphere. Remember to ask your DJ to avoid making it too loud to the point in which guests can’t converse throughout the reception.

Not Providing Adequate Shade During an Outdoor Event

Complete Weddings + Events – DJs use equipment that is sensitive to temperature.  Even if there are plenty of trees at your ceremony or venue site, DJs should be in the shade at all times. Work with the venue to provide a canopy or umbrella that can be adjusted as the sun moves.

A First Dance Song That’s Too Long

The first dance should be no longer than two or three minutes at the very max so that guests don’t lose interest. Have a fun pre-wedding dance party to “test” out your favorites and narrow them down. We encourage couples to pick the one that’s the most meaningful and to move the rest of the favorites to the playlist later in the evening so that it’s a win-win for everyone.

Letting the Speeches and Toasts Run On

As a recovering father-of-the-bride, I am guilty of this one.  Making guests sit through speeches and formalities for the first 30 minutes to an hour can kill the party atmosphere. Give each toast-maker a specific time limit to help them stay on track.

Micro-Managing the Playlist

A significant part of a DJ’s job is to read the room and select songs to play based on the vibe of the dance floor. It’s crucial to let go of total music control, so everything flows seamlessly. Some brides and grooms end up being a way to control, and it hurts the reception in the end.  Couples need to trust in the professionalism and skills of their DJs to choose the best wedding songs.

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