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Top San Antonio Wedding Videography Tips for Brides

Call me sappy, a feeler or emotional … I do not care!  Just something special about wedding videos.  There was a time in our business when I was tasked with reviewing all our wedding videos at Complete Weddings + Events just before we delivered them to our couples.  A quality checkpoint of sorts.  Team members would enter my office to ask a question and I would be in tears.  It was then that I knew I was in the right business, helping create and capture the most special of moments for a lifetime of enjoyment!!

What is it about storytelling that draws and calls us?!?  I recently came across this quote that resonated with that question –

“You’re never going to kill storytelling because it’s built-in the human plan. We come with it.” – Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale

Storytelling is truly built into the human heart, no-one is immune!

When asked to share Top San Antonio Wedding Videography Tips for Brides we landed on the following Story Moments to consider.

Wedding Videos tell a story!  A story of love between two people, A story of the most special of days, A story of two families joined together in a never-ending bond as symbolized by the wedding rings.  During the course of your wedding, your videographer(s) will capture ‘story moments’ that will be edited into a cinematic film that will be cherished for generations.


Story Moment #1: Vows

While capturing moments via video footage is essential, making sure your wedding videographer captures quality video is key to the final cinematic video you hope for.  As you express your feelings and love for one another in the reading of your wedding vows, this audio will be used as a key story moment in your video.  And when you write your own vows, you make the ceremony more personal and let your family and friends truly know how you feel about each other.

Story Moment #2: Letters

As a father of the bride a few years ago, I was able to experience this firsthand, as my daughter wrote me a letter for me to read the morning of her wedding in the presence of photographers and videographers.  See photo featured in this blog.  Yes … I am a softy.  For additional storytelling effect … we encourage the bride and groom to write and read the letters out loud so that the audio can be used in the final cinematic film.

Story Moment #3: Interviews

This one, just like the letter writing, takes some preparation but is well worth the investment.  Prior to your wedding celebration, ask a few of your guest VIP’s that you would like your wedding videographer to capture a short interview during the reception.  The interview can be a few words of wisdom for the couple or a special memory that they have of the bride or groom.  This content, especially from aging family members such as grandparents, memorialize those family members and adds incredible value to your wedding video.

Story Moment #4: Couple Shots

Make sure that you allow time during your reception for the videographer and photographer to capture portrait shots of the wedding couple.  These kinds of shots are helpful during the video editing process as the wedding video is about you and your story.  Shot of you two helps tell this story.

Story Moment #5: Speeches

When it comes to speeches, these are typically from the maid of honor, best man, and father of the bride.  But can consist of the people that you will have sharing at your wedding.  Make sure that your videography team knows who these people are prior to the event so that they can make sure to capture the audio needed to be included in your final cinematic video.

Story Moment #6: First Dance

When it comes to the first dance, you may be inclined to have the DJ invite guests to the dance floor after only a few seconds.  But to allow your videography team plenty of time to capture the moment, make sure they have plenty of time to get the shots needed for your video.  Additionally, make sure to let them know if you have anything special planned during the reception that you want to make sure is included in your video.

Story Moment #7: Grand Exit

At the end of your event, you may be planning a unique and grand exit to include sparklers, confetti, fireworks, bubbles, and/or potentially driving off in a classic or exotic car.  Make sure your videographer is aware of this in advance so that they can prepare potential lighting and audio needs to allow them to capture the moment.

Story Moment #8: Music for your Video

When it comes to the music that you have on your final product cinematic video, there is the issue of music licensing – which prevents the use of any commercial music in videos that have the potential to be streamed online, without paying a ridiculous fee.  At Complete Weddings + Events, we pay to have access to high-quality royalty-free music libraries for our films.  Using this music means it becomes the soundtrack of your day!!

As you consider these Top Wedding Videography Tips and Story Moments, make sure to check out Complete Weddings + Events professional Vimeo page: and YouTube page: to see examples of our work and talented Story Telling team.

Our team is excited to capture Your Story, and have you experience what we mean by ‘Complete provides extraordinary special event services that deliver JOY for generations to come!’

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