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Do I need a second wedding photographer in San Antonio?

Do I Need a Second Wedding Photographer?


Have you experienced the never-ending ‘free advice’ that your close family and friends are willing to provide now that you are engaged and planning for your most special day?  Be honest here …. While you love input, especially from those closest to you, you most likely are receiving conflicting advice that not only leaves you confused, it adds to your stress instead of reducing it.

Do I need a second wedding photographer in San Antonio?

When it comes to wedding photography and the need for an additional shooter, you may no doubt have experienced this tension.  Depending on who you talk to, some photographers provide a second wedding photographer in all their packages, while others never work with a second wedding photographer at their events.  At Complete Weddings + Events, we find it best to treat each wedding day as unique and determine whether or not a second wedding photographer in San Antonio is necessary.  As you process your need for a second wedding photographer, here are a few points to consider:


Are ‘getting ready’ photos important to you both for the bride and groom?  Are you wanting portraits with your family members and friends?  How about detailed shots of the dress, tux, shoes, and rings?  Is capturing the reception space important to you?

When it comes to wedding photography, not everyone will have the same priorities for what they desire to be captured on their most special day.  While some couples really want photos before, during, and after the ceremony, others must have detailed photos of every element such as flowers, cake, venue, etc.  And then some, making sure to capture portraits of family and friends are what’s most important.

At Complete Weddings + Events, our team’s greatest desire before anything else is to understand what’s most important to you, it’s your day after all.  By focusing on what you must have captured on your special day, this provides clarity on the need for a second shooter.  If your desire is to have predominately ceremony shots, a few portraits, and action shots during the reception, a second wedding photographer is probably not necessary.  On the contrary, you must have to get ready shots, a first look, every detail captured, ceremony photos, family portraits, and loads of action shots during the reception, we would highly recommend a second shooter.


Are you getting ready and prepared at a nearby location?  Or perhaps will you be getting ready in a hotel room while your fiancé is getting ready at home?  When it comes to the timeline of the day, how much time will there be for portraits between ceremony and reception?  Is your event happening all at once location, or are your ceremony and reception happening at different locations?

A single Complete Weddings + Events wedding photographer can cover lots of ground, sometimes it’s impossible for them at two places at once. If you desire to do sunset portraits while your guests are at cocktail hour, it just not possible for our photographers to capture both. It’s important to consider the logistics of your special day when deciding whether or not to have a second wedding photographer.


How many people will be at your wedding party?  How many guests will be attending the wedding celebration?  Do. You have guests that are flying in that will be important to capture?

As you consider your must-haves and the timing of the day, it may be reasonable to capture your special day with one wedding photographer.  But the size of your wedding might warrant the need for a second wedding photographer.  As the wedding guest list approaches the 120-attendee threshold, it’s worth considering a second wedding photographer because it’s challenging to capture photos of everyone without rushing.

Our team of wedding planners and professional wedding photographers at Complete Weddings + Events is ready and excited to connect as you plan and prepare for your most special day.  Whether it’s a wedding photography package with one photographer or two, our greatest desire is for you to have a Raving Fan experience that delivers JOY for generations to come.

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