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Family Wedding Photo Shot List

Creating a Family Wedding Photo Shot List


Hey there, lovely bride-to-be! As you inch closer to your magical day, planning and preparation are ramping up. In between the dress fitting, cake tasting, and flower picking, there’s another task to tick off your list: creating a family wedding photo shot list. Yes, it’s a thing!

Having a shot list can streamline the photography process. It guarantees those heartwarming family moments won’t be missed. But how do you craft one that covers every sentimental moment? Fear not, we’re here to guide you through it.


Start with the Basics

Your shot list should start with the essentials. These are the go-to shots that include you and your spouse, immediate family members, and the bridal party. Remember to include grandparents, siblings, and cousins. And, to keep things clear for your Black Hills wedding photographer, designate families by first or last names. It’s all in the details!

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Include Extended Family and Friends

Don’t forget about your extended family and close friends. These shots might not be as traditional, but they sure are a lot of fun. Group shots and candid moments can add a dash of joy to your album. It’s your wedding – you get to choose what’s important!

Remember the Small Moments

Your shot list isn’t only about people. It’s about those special moments too. Capture the first dances, the cake cutting, and the bouquet toss. And those candid moments like your nephew’s awe-struck face at the sight of the cake, or your best friend shedding a tear during your vows. These are often the memories that make your heart flutter every time you flip through your album.

Communicate with Your Photographer

Share your list with your professional wedding photographer near Rapid City in advance. This gives them a clear direction and allows them to plan. Your photographer is a pro, so they might suggest some shots you hadn’t even thought of. Don’t be shy to listen to their ideas.

Stay Flexible

Even with a well-planned shot list in hand, remember to stay flexible. Some of the best photos are unplanned, spontaneous moments. Trust your photographer’s instincts, and most importantly, enjoy your day.

Curating the Perfect Family Wedding Photo Shot List

Creating a family wedding photo shot list can be a breeze. It’s about identifying the moments you’ll want to cherish forever. Start with the basics, add everyone dear to you, capture small moments, and clearly communicate with your photographer. And, always be ready for those unexpected, magical moments.

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