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In a city with a thriving music culture over many decades, a great Raleigh Wedding DJ can play the music that stands the test of time. Putting together the best playlist and creating a custom music memory just for you is the mark of an excellent Disc Jockey service. Complete Weddings + Events strives to get you the perfect DJ to match your event or party needs.

Nate Littlejohn (DJ Biggie)

Thiamous McNair (DJ Tee)

Ernesto Zapata (DJ*EZ)

DJ Billy Ezzell

Daniel Herion

Doc Johnson

DJ Brandon LeGardye

Finding the Best Raleigh Wedding DJ For Your Event

Choosing the right Raleigh event DJ for your party is critical. It’s important to find someone who has the experience, skill, and crowd-savvy necessary to create a mood and keep energy levels high throughout the event. While most special event DJs in Raleigh can rise to the occasion, it’s worth digging a little deeper to understand how they’ll impact your party. After all, you’re leaving no detail to chance – why not spend a little time finding the best DJ for your gig?

Questions to Ask A Prospective Raleigh DJ

Event planning is full of surprises. Make sure you’re pleasantly surprised, not caught off guard by last-minute changes by thoroughly vetting your all events Raleigh DJ. Start by considering the type of atmosphere you’re hoping to create for your event. Do you want music that will get people out of their chairs and dancing, or do you prefer something a little more neutral while certain activities and games are happening? The answer to this question can help shape your relationship with your DJ. Here are some other questions to consider:

  • What kinds of events do you typically work?

Ideally, your DJ will have a long history of playing all kinds of events. They’ll be charismatic, and social, and get along easily with all types of guests. A corporate events DJ in Raleigh may have a drastically different approach to their job than a wedding and event DJ in Raleigh. Clarify your needs and see how they respond. Their answer can help ensure your event goes off without a hitch!

  • What’s your go-to song to get people dancing?

This fun question can give you a good idea of the Raleigh DJ’s style, skill, and taste in music. These important elements can make or break an event, so it’s smart to throw them such a question and see how their answer aligns with your own philosophy.

Even if you don’t necessarily have a go-to favorite that you’d personally recommend, hearing their insight and choice can tell you a lot about the DJ’s ability to improvise!

  • What songs are available for my event?

If you have specific tunes you need to be played for your party, be sure to ask about their availability. Not every DJ has access to every song ever produced, but with enough advance notice, most requests can be accommodated. While you’re at it, create a list of songs you definitely don’t want to be played at your party. Share the list with your DJ so you’re on the same page.

  • Do you take song requests?

Some DJs prefer not to take song requests, as it can interrupt their flow and work against their strategy for the event. While understandable, such a policy can be disappointing to learn at the event. Control for surprises and make sure you know how the Raleigh DJ you hire feels about song requests!

  • What do you need from the event space to be successful?

DJs often use large speakers, lighting rigs, and HD video screens for fun effects. When interviewing candidates, ask about their technical needs so you can plan ahead. How many electrical outlets will they need access to? How much space does their DJ booth take up? Will they need early access before the event begins in order to set up their equipment?

Having the answers to these questions can make the day of your party easier for everyone.

  • Who will work at my event?

Some DJs work alone. Others opt to bring along an assistant to help with setup and breakdown. The Complete Weddings + Events team will be on-site to help ensure your event goes off without a hitch, but you’ll want to make sure you understand exactly who the DJ is bringing along before hiring them.

Ask about uniforms, too – if you have a specific look in mind for guests and vendors alike, see if the Raleigh DJ is willing to dress the part!

The Complete Weddings + Events DJ Experience

You’ve got a vision for your big event. Allow Complete Weddings + Events to bring it to life! Our Raleigh DJs have the savvy, charisma, and talent necessary to breathe life into parties of every kind. No matter your goal for the event, our team can help make your dreams a reality.

Complete Weddings + Events – Raleigh DJ

With Complete Weddings + Events on hand to help organize and pull off your party, you’ll be free to relax and celebrate with your guests. We know how draining delegation can be, which is why we’re so passionate about connecting clients with trustworthy, experienced professionals. Not limited to Raleigh DJ services, we can also provide photo booth rentals, photography and videography for your party. Connect with us today to get planning!

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