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Inviting Kids to Your Raleigh Wedding

Inviting Kids to Your Raleigh Wedding


A wedding is a celebration and union of two people coming together. It is one of the only times in your life that it’s reasonably acceptable to be totally self-centered and create a day revolved around nothing but you. But it’s also a day to celebrate the people you love. Just as rare, this unique opportunity to bring all of your family and friends together in one joyful place. This is a day for you, but it’s also a day for them.

And that means you need to be courteous. That means you need to think about how you can make certain that your guests enjoy the day too and that they ALL feel comfortable and relaxed.

Inviting Kids to Your Raleigh Wedding

One of the simplest ways you can do this is by not only welcoming kids to the wedding but also turning the big day into something that they will really remember and truly appreciate. Here are just a few things you can do when Inviting Kids to Your Raleigh Wedding.

When Inviting Kids to Your Raleigh Wedding Give Them Roles

Young people positively love being given a special role and made to feel as though they are part of something amazing. Make a pot of spaghetti and just about any child under the age of 9 will want nothing more than to get in there and stir that pot of noodles for you… just so “they” can do it! Kids are so funny!!

It’s the same with most weddings and special events. So, imagine how over the moon any kid would be if you gave them that important role to fulfill! Not only will they feel welcome but also important to the day’s events. Bonus points, their parents will be forever thankful for the distraction that prevented them from bouncing off of the walls all night!

Of course, there are a number of roles that popularly and traditionally nearly always go to kids. These include:

  • Ring bearer
  • Bridesmaid
  • Usher
  • Page boy/girl
  • Flower girl

Having the kids at your wedding take on these roles will not only make them feel important but can also be a great gesture for their parents.

Now, what about the children who maybe aren’t that close to the family? You may not want to give the children you barely know important roles such as carrying the wedding ring! In this situation, maybe a better option would be to give them roles that are slightly less important but still enough to qualify as giving them a “job.” For example, they could help to get the groups together for photos, they could bring presents up during the toasts or speeches, or they could even be given a little polaroid camera and asked to get some awesome photos!

Have a Kid Table

A kid table or area is a great way to make certain that the children at your event are having a fantastic time. They’ll be able to talk and play around each other without feeling the watchful eye of their parents, and of course, you can figure out new ways to make the table or area more kid-friendly. How about balloons for example? Or board games in the middle of those kids table?

Kids are great at “being kids” and this way they’ll be able to talk with like-minded friends and relatives, rather than having to always be on their “best behavior” while their parents are trying to socialize.

Think About Adding Child-Friendly Activities

Another fun tip is to add in some child-friendly activities. Most weddings will always have a couple of things for kids to do, which typically include things like games, dancing, and photo booths.

Ask yourself which of these things are children really going to enjoy, versus the things that force kids to sit and be quiet while their parents have all of the fun! Photo booths are the perfect example of a kid-friendly activity that any child will appreciate. Think about things your venue may offer, perhaps the barn has a nice outdoor area. Other examples may include magicians, balloon or caricature artists, and simple games like a giant Jenga or even a giant connect 4!

Kid-Friendly Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a great way of showing your guests that they are appreciated; so… try not to leave those kids out!! Throwing in a few additional favors that kids will appreciate is not only a nice way to thank them (and their parents) for coming but can also be very useful if you want to keep them entertained for the duration. The perfect example of something that will help you to do this is a coloring book or doodle pad, and who knows, maybe they draw you something special.

Kid’s Disco

Hosting a kid’s disco is an amazingly fantastic way to keep your younger guests entertained. It will also help to ensure that the day feels as much “for them” as it will for everyone else. If your venue happens to have the extra space, maybe you can include a separate dance floor just for them. If you don’t have that option, talk it over with your DJ and set up a Kid’s set at the start of the night that will include mostly songs that they might enjoy.

All these things will help you make the day as fun for kids as it is for adults. This is important as it will help the kids really feel as if they are welcome and wanted, and it will make the day far more enjoyable for them. The best part is that most everyone enjoys watching kids have a great time – it’s cute and it generates really great vibes during your big day!

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