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A Simple Wedding Reception Timeline Raleigh, NC

A Simple Wedding Reception Timeline Raleigh, NC


After settling on those unique subtleties of your day, you may be feeling a touch of planner burnout. To assist you with making one stage of the wedding planning process as simple as possible, we’ve created an example wedding timeline of events for you to use for your big day. Look at our convenient rundown of the day by occasions and timing for your Raleigh, NC wedding to use as a guide for your gathering!

We’ve included a large number of the occasions that generally occur at wedding gatherings. This straightforward five-hour wedding gathering course of events can be tweaked for any style of occasion gathering, regardless of whether you’re facilitating a plated situated supper, a smorgasbord, or even a wedding informal breakfast. What’s more, don’t hesitate to evacuate any of the areas that don’t have any significant bearing on your occasion.

A Simple Wedding Reception Timeline Raleigh, NC

Basic Wedding Gathering Course of events 

This model wedding timetable is for a five-hour occasion with a mixed drink hour and plated supper. 

00:00 – Mixed drinks: On the off chance that you didn’t do a first look before your service, you might be taking photographs during the mixed drink hour. It’s an astounding method to possess your visitors while you take pictures. If you’ve gotten everything out of the street early, you could utilize the mixed drink hour for blending with your visitors or appreciating a little alone time as a couple. Most couples use this chance to take formal photos with family and wedding party. 

01:00 – Seating and Declarations: After the cocktail hour has finished up, your day-of-organizer or facilitator should report that supper begins. At times, the mixed drink staff will quietly get the message out through the group for your visitors to advance toward their seats for supper. After your visitors have taken their positions, you will have your band head or emcee/DJ declare the wedding party and the cheerful couple! 

01:15 – Welcome: Commonly, the lady of the hour’s dad invites everybody to the wedding gathering and shares his gratitude to them for coming. A few couples decide to give impromptu speeches here, yet most hold until some other time at the wedding gathering. If you wish, you can also utilize this opportunity to state a blessing over dinner. 

01:20 – Supper: Visitors can make a beeline for the smorgasbord in an organized manner, or your cook’s hold up staff will start serving supper to every one of your tables. A few love birds may choose to utilize this opportunity to meander around and blend with their visitors on the off chance that they haven’t gotten a chance to welcome them yet. 

01:45 – Toasts: The Best Man’s toast is regularly first, trailed by the Maid of Honor. Respect on the off chance that she is giving an impromptu speech. On the off chance that other relatives or individuals from the wedding party are giving impromptu speeches, they can likewise do so during this time. 

02:30 – Dance Party!: In the Up-Express, the DJ will customarily report the couple to realize when to go to the dance floor. They can dance the whole tune without anyone else, or have the DJ welcome the remainder of the party up for the other 50% of the melody. The ​first dance will be quickly trailed by the Dad/Daughter Dance and the Mother/Son Dance, or you can attempt to drive them further into the night if you like.

02:45 – Pack that Dancefloor!: After those customary wedding dances have finished, it’s an ideal opportunity to welcome the remainder of your gathering to the move floor.

03:15 – Cake cutting: The DJ will declare the cake cutting, which consistently makes for a decent photograph opp! After the stately cake cutting, serve it to your visitors with espresso or perhaps champagne.

03:30 – Thank You!: Although not required, it is useful for the couple to stand up and give their visitors a formal thank you to everybody for joining in and anybody explicit who may have helped them cause their extraordinary day to occur.

03:45 – Gathering On!: A portion of the older visitors might be prepared to leave not long after the cake is served, be sure that you’ve gotten an opportunity to visit with them heretofore. 

04:30 – Bundle or Fastener Throw: On the off chance that you are doing both a Bunch Throw and Strap Throw, commonly, the individuals who got them will move together! 

04:45 – Last move: The DJ should welcome everybody to the floor for one final song. Pick a fun and energetic tune with the goal that everything closes on a high note. 

04:55 – Goodbye: Have the DJ request that everybody advances toward the exit so they can send you off in style! Consider having your visitors wave lace wands, blow air pockets, or light sparklers to make your retreat more enchanted.


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