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Tips to Make Sure Your Philadelphia PA Bridal Portraits are Perfect

Tips to Make Sure Your Philadelphia PA Bridal Portraits are Perfect


One of the most popular traditions for brides-to-be is getting portraits taken before the wedding ceremony. These portraits are to showcase the gorgeous dress, hair, and makeup. These photos are so special because you get to see the true glow of a bride. This glow comes from feeling perhaps the most beautiful she has ever felt. With these being some of the most important shots of the day, there are tips and tricks to take to make sure they are as perfect as possible. By using these tips, they will help ensure you get the Philadelphia, PA bridal portraits you have always imagined.

Tips to Make Sure Your Philadelphia PA Bridal Portraits are Perfect

Have a friend help at the shoot.

#1. Have a friend help at the shoot.

These shots are predominately taken before the ceremony, therefore you must be ready to walk down the aisle before and after these portraits. By having an assistant you can help ensure you stay aisle ready. If a photographer doesn’t have an assistant with, grab an extra bridesmaid or family member to help you!

Ways they can help:

  • Carry a dress train to help avoid a dirty dress
  • Fluff dress before each picture so you can stay motionless to get that perfect shot
  • An extra set of eyes to find imperfections in makeup, hair, or dress
  • Makes sure you are cool and comfortable throughout the shoot

Sometimes by having an extra person there to help with the shots, you can receive even more creative shots. For example, having someone throw the train of the dress can make it look like it’s flowing in the wind. By having an assistant, Philadelphia PA bridal portraits shoot become easier and more time-effective.

Think about the location.

#2. Think about the location.

Traditionally, you don’t want anyone outside of the wedding party to see you before walking down the aisle. This makes it extremely important that you have a good location to get photos taken away from any arriving guest. This location should be close to where you are getting ready. Make sure there is enough space to really feature the dress. Think about finding a venue that has a large bridal suite or a private outdoor area to get bridal portraits done. By thinking about this before the wedding day, you can avoid the stress of moving from one location to another to find the best shot. Make sure you are not moving around too much to avoid getting your dress dirty or messing up your final look.

Have ideas for your photos.

#3. Have ideas for your photos.

Every bride has envisioned what she wants to look like on her wedding day. By having ideas ready for your photographer, it helps avoid disappointment in the outcome of your photos. If you have a certain pose, facial expression, or accessory that you want to be featured, speak up! This is your wedding day and you should get every photo that you imagined. It is most helpful to give these to your photographer before the wedding day so they can have them planned and then hopefully they won’t be forgotten.

Trust your photographer!

#4. Trust your photographer!

Of course, ideas are always encouraged, but you also want to let your photographer be creative during your photoshoot as well. If you are working with a professional photographer, they will have their own style of shooting compared to any other. If they advise you to move your pose or look another direction, trust them. Their main focus will be making sure you look beautiful in each shot. They want you to be happy and love each photo.  Trust that they have your best interest in mind as they are taking your photos.

Philadelphia PA bridal portraits

#5. Be Yourself.

You will look back on your wedding photos for the rest of your life. You want to be able to truly recognize the person in the photos. Make sure your personality shines through the photos. If you are more reserved and shy, it’s okay to be like that in your photos. If you are loud and bubbly, embrace it! By being yourself, you will be more relaxed as you are getting your photo taken, even if you are naturally a little uncomfortable being in front of the camera.

Other ways to feel comfortable in your own skin before the wedding day:

  • Use the same skincare routine to avoid unwanted blemishes
  • Get plenty of rest the week of the wedding
  • Stay hydrated
  • Practice your smile/poses
  • If you don’t like makeup, don’t overdo it!

These photos are supposed to be YOU. Not the cover of a bridal magazine. You are beautiful the way you are, so be comfortable in your own skin.

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