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What to Know When Hiring a Destination Photographer in Orlando


Many couples travel to the great city of Orlando, Florida to enjoy a destination wedding away from the cold. Orlando is a great one of the best places in the United States for couples to plan their destination wedding. However, when planning a destination wedding, there are many things to consider. In fact, wedding planning may be much more difficult as you’re planning your big day from afar. We think there are a few things you should know when trying to find the perfect photographer for your destination wedding in Orlando, Florida.

Finding an Orlando Wedding Photographer: What You Should Know

There are some things you need to make sure you consider when trying to find an Orlando wedding photographer for your destination wedding. The photographer’s style, personality, communication skills, photos that are easy to access from afar, and experience with destination weddings are all things that will make a big difference during your wedding.

You’re going to want to prioritize photography for your wedding so here is exactly why those things need to be considered when hiring your Orlando wedding photographer:


This may be the most obvious statement possible when considering who to hire as your photographer, but you’ll want to ensure that their style matches what you want. A wedding photographer’s style is something you’ll likely be looking at for the rest of your life. Therefore, doing your research to make sure that the Orlando wedding photographer you choose matches your vision and can make your dream photos a reality is priority number one!


Everybody knows to consider the photographer’s style but no one really thinks much about making sure that the photographer’s personality matches theirs or that they’ll get along. You’re going to spend so much time with your wedding photographer. Therefore, you should absolutely ensure that you can get along with them!

Think about spending your entire wedding day with a photographer you don’t get along with especially if you traveled all the way down to Orlando for your destination wedding. Finding someone you enjoy being around will make your wedding day that much more enjoyable and your entire process way easier!

Communication Skills

Okay, this one sounds like you’re interviewing someone for a job which is kind of funny. However, it’s massively important in order to guarantee a stress-free process with your wedding photographer!

You’ll be planning your entire wedding from a completely different city and state altogether most likely if you’re planning a destination wedding. This makes it very important that the photographer is able to communicate effectively with you. Without effective communication, you could end up with a massive amount of confusion on the wedding day!

Experience Shooting Destination Weddings

Of course, you’re going to use someone who has experience shooting weddings. However, you should also put a high priority on using someone who has experience in shooting destination weddings because they’ll have experience in helping answer questions that the typical couple won’t ask.

For example, when you’re planning your wedding in Orlando and don’t know the city, your photographer will be the one to answer questions on locations and other things that you may not know. Having a resource that has experience in helping couples from out of state will be very important.

We guarantee you won’t regret putting a priority on finding an Orlando wedding photographer with experience in helping out-of-state couples!

Photos That Are Easy to Access From Afar

This is something to consider that is often overlooked by many couples while planning their destination wedding. Your wedding is taking place far away and in some cases could be thousands of miles away from home. With that being the case, you’re going to want your photos to be easily accessible. You’ll want all of the services that the photographer offers to be something you can take advantage of even if you’re not in the same city.

We recommend making sure that your photographer has online galleries that are easily accessible for you and your family. If you want to print physical images you can have them shipped to you where you’re at. Otherwise, you may be taking another trip to Orlando to retrieve your photos!

Complete Weddings + Events – Orlando Destination Wedding Photographer

There are so many things to consider when trying to find the perfect photographer for your Orlando destination wedding. These are just the first few things to consider but if you have any other questions we would love to help you through the process!

Contact us anytime to begin putting together the perfect wedding package for your destination wedding here in Orlando or if you have any questions about planning your wedding here!

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