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Music Genres to Compliment Your Wedding Vibes


When putting together wedding plans, you typically have a decent idea of what theme you’d like your wedding to be. This is true whether you understand it as a theme or not. There is a specific type of music you should try to stick to in order to keep the vibes right. Here, we outline music genres and match them with popular wedding themes that we see most in Orlando!

Most Popular Wedding Themes & Music Genres to Match

When it comes to popular wedding themes, you’ll find that the Orlando area has a couple of unique themes or vibes. For example, Florida weather allows for Christmas-themed weddings. This is because most areas are completely shut down for weddings when the weather dips. However, weddings in Orlando are perfect around that time due to the beautiful December weather.

Orlando also gets quite a few destinations and local weddings that love the tropical theme. With this theme, you can lean into the palm trees and beautiful sunsets we get here! Lastly, the most obvious choice for weddings in Orlando is a Disney theme. Both local and destination weddings love to celebrate with some Disney songs and décor! Here are our suggestions to keep the music consistent with your wedding vibe:

Tropical Wedding

Orlando is a pretty great place if you’re planning a tropical-style wedding. Venues such as Paradise Cove and Margaritaville are great for this theme. Keeping music consistent with this theme is actually quite easy. For cocktail hour and dinner stick with music that is laid back and beach-themed like Jimmy Buffet (a great choice for Margaritaville). Or, go all out with the tropical theme and use a Bob Marley-styled playlist.

Another option to consider is a more contemporary and play Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews which still gives a relaxed, laid-back feel. As for the open dance, reggaetón and some top 40 songs that give off a tropical feel are perfect and are actually very popular. Bad Bunny isn’t a bad choice for your tropical theme depending on the age of your guests.

Classic Theme

A classic wedding theme seems pretty straightforward and gives you the most freedom when it comes to sticking with your wedding theme. For example, you can get away with a lot for the cocktail hour and dinner. Anything from upbeat but not dancing music like “Marry You” by Bruno Mars to more classic Big Band Jazz music is perfectly acceptable and fits your vibe perfectly. During open dance is where you’ll find anything and everything will work. However, a lot of times you’ll want to start with older music to keep everyone happy (including older guests). After that, move into newer music such as Top 40s and Hip Hop. This will allow the night to flow and keep everyone included in the dancing.

Disney Theme

With a Disney-themed wedding, the key is to include Disney songs. Keep the vibe consistent without overdoing it. For example, if your entire dinner playlist is the soundtrack from The Little Mermaid, people might feel a little overwhelmed. However, if you can elegantly sprinkle in Disney music throughout the night that people can sing along with during open dance (like “Circle of Life” from the Lion King). During dinner consider playing the piano versions of Disney songs. When it comes to the first dance and other spotlight dances, we say go crazy! You can absolutely play whatever you’d like and make it Disney-themed for these spotlight dances.

Christmas Theme

A Christmas themed wedding is an incredible wedding theme that is made better by how amazing the weather is in Orlando! The music around the Christmas themed wedding is pretty straight forward, Christmas music!! However, how can you play Christmas music at your wedding without being overly corny? The best way to do this is by playing jazzy Christmas music during cocktail hour and dinner. Sprinkle in a song or two during the open dance portion. This will keep the Christmas vibes relevant without overdoing it.

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