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Wedding Day Advice For Brides


Anyone who has gotten married or is currently going through the process of planning a wedding knows the stress leading up to it! Follow these 5 Wedding Day Advice For Brides tips to help you enjoy every moment of your day:


Wedding Day Advice For Brides

Have A Plan

Being organized is something we cannot stress enough going into your special day! It’s important to have all of your vendors lined up ahead of time and to have the communication about their plans for the wedding day.  Creating a timeline as well as a list of your vendors’ contact information will help ease the stress and gives you something to refer to the day-of. We’d recommend purchasing organizational tubs to place what items you will be needing for the ceremony, reception, transportation, etc.

Let Someone Else Stress For You

While you may think you can handle everything yourself on the day of your wedding, a bride should NEVER have to! Whether you have family members or a day-of coordinator helping out, make sure someone is in charge to take the stress off your shoulders! It’s your day that you only get to do once, so make sure to enjoy it and let someone else handle the details. Complete day-of coordinators are an affordable option for keeping the stress of you and your family on your special day.


It is so important to make sure you get yourself something to eat and drink. You may be nervous and too excited to eat, but let this part slip! It’s a long day with a lot of excitement, so make sure to take care of your body to feel great the whole time!

Have A List Of Important Photos Ready For Your Photographer

One thing to make sure you have prepared that a lot of brides forget about is providing YOUR list of important photos you’d like captured! Wedding photographers are incredible at taking charge of your day and capturing every moment, but it’s important to make sure they know what you would like to see as well! For example, getting a photo specifically with your bridesmaid might be something you’d love to see – but your photographer won’t always know that unless it has been communicated. It’s always better to over-communicate what you want than to not end up getting the photos you wanted to look back on!

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Take Some Time For Yourself

The day of your wedding going into it seems like it’ll be a long one. That is not the case when you’re the bride or groom going through it! It goes by SO fast! When you’re creating your timeline, be sure to include at least 20 minutes of time spent with your partner alone! You’ll appreciate that memory down the road of realizing you just got married and are having the best day of your lives!

If you follow these simple tips, you’ll be sure to have a stress-free wedding that you’ll be able to look back on for years to come!

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