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Livestock Exchange Omaha Wedding Venue

Omaha’s Top Venues: The Livestock Exchange


The Livestock Exchange building is one of Omaha’s premier reception halls. Its large, wide-open feel has become a timeless Omaha classic. Here are just a few reasons anyone getting married should consider The Livestock Exchange as their wedding venue.


There are many different qualities that make a wedding reception location desirable. However, one of the first aspects of a reception hall that couples look into is the atmosphere. The atmosphere actually has a very big impact on your reception. For example, no one is going to put their napkins in their lap at a McDonald’s, but if you’re at a classy restaurant, you better have your napkin in your lap. Your reception hall affects how your guests will behave, just like a restaurants’ atmosphere affects how you behave in the restaurant. Overlooking the city, The Livestock Exchange provides a high-profile atmosphere that is still easy to party in once your Omaha DJ starts the music. With Livestock Exchange, you’re going to get an atmosphere that fits your whole night.

Catering Experience

The Livestock Exchange is an official venue of Brandeis Catering Company. Brandeis is a company that has been around for quite a while and gets consistently high marks. Booking The Livestock Exchange guarantees a great dining experience with one of the best catering companies in Omaha.

A Great Photography Location

One of the many things you take into deep consideration when getting married is your wedding pictures. You search tirelessly to find a great Omaha photographer at your wedding. Why wouldn’t you think hard about your wedding location when considering your wedding photos as well? A great setting for your photos is just as important as a great Omaha photographer when it comes to getting the photos you want for your wedding. The hall is flooded with natural lighting, brings an antiqued-modern look, and is well-decorated, making it a dream for any Omaha wedding photographer to shoot at Livestock. A wedding at The Livestock will guarantee your wedding photos will look sharp!

Amazing Ceremony Location

As I mentioned earlier in this post, The Livestock Exchange ballroom overlooks pretty much all of Omaha. This remains true with their ceremony hall as well. The ceremony room is on the south side of the building, but still on the very top floor and surrounded by windows, just like the large ballroom. Although it is slightly smaller than the main ballroom, there are not many differences between the two areas. The Livestock Exchange’s ceremony room makes it the perfect place to do both your ceremony and reception in the same building.

The Livestock Exchange building is one of Omaha’s oldest buildings. Obtaining its landmark status in 1999, it remains to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Omaha today. Combining the perfect amount of classy and fun, Livestock is perfect for what most bride and grooms look for in a wedding venue. If you haven’t already, go check out The Livestock Exchange for yourself to see why it’s one of the ideal locations for any wedding reception!

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