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How to Plan During Wedding Crunch Time


Planning a wedding is extremely stressful. People hear about the stress of wedding planning all the time, but once you start the planning process, you won’t understand the meaning of this until crunch time! Once you’re within two or three months of your wedding, it’s time to buckle down on things. Plus, chances are your list of things has piled up! Complete Weddings + Events is here to help and give some advice for this stressful time. Here’s some things that you should do during the planning process in your final months.

Make a To-Do List

Every couple has a different number of things to do, so setting up a list of things specific to you and your wedding is a must! The last couple of months is a time where you’ll be putting the final touches on things. However, this can be the most stressful time in the planning process. Although these items can be easy things to check off your list, they pile up. A to-do list will help you be organized during this time and let you take care of business.

Plan Out Details for The Actual Night

Chances are, you’ve been taking care of so many things such as booking your services, your venue, your officiant, and more that you haven’t even really thought much about the details of the night itself. This is the time to plan the events of that night. This includes making up the timeline, getting a final head count, and setting up table arrangements. This is the most fun thing about your wedding crunch time, so savor these moments!

Make Sure Everyone Else is Ready

One thing that slips through the cracks is making sure that your relatives and wedding party members have the attire they need and are ready for your wedding day. You may have to be persistent with people, but making sure everyone has what they need can be very reassuring.

Finding a Place to Live

Oftentimes, getting married means you’re finding a new place to call home. If this is you, then this is an exciting part of the process! Enjoy looking around for a place! If you’re looking to buy a house once you tie the knot, that will be a process all in its own.

Get Honeymoon Ready

Hopefully you’ve gotten the travel arrangements down for your honeymoon by now. I don’t mean nailing down a hotel and purchasing plane tickets – I’m talking about getting the specifics ready. You’re going on a trip! That means you need to mentally get ready as well as making sure you pack and have all that you need! This is actually very difficult. As it doesn’t seem like a priority at the time, thinking about your honeymoon is essential as well as a nice mental break from thinking about your wedding night.


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