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Leave Room in Your Wedding Timeline for These Details


As you work out the details of your wedding day and start creating a wedding day timeline, there are a few key items to account for in order to ensure your special day is seamless.

A unexpected delay here followed by a 15-minute hiccup there can shake up and completely throw off the entire timeline quickly. We’ve compiled all the important and sometimes overlooked items you need to think about in your timeline!

Hair and Makeup Timing

Your hair and makeup artist will be able to make a more specific schedule, with appointment slots for everyone, but a good rule of thumb is 30 minutes per person per service. With a larger bridal party you may end up needing to start as early as 7:00 am or so! Break out the mimosas and coffee!  it’s going to be a one busy fun-filled  morning!

Venue Load-in Time

Talk with your floral and event designer team to figure out how much time they’ll need to load-in. They a solid couple hours in the morning. Or, if the decor is more extravagant, they may even need an additional day or more.

Many venues will provide a set number of hours for load-in, per the contract, and charge per the hour for any additional hours you may need, so be sure to work out all these details when you book your venue space.

Private Moment

Your wedding day is about you and your new spouse, so consider scheduling in a ten or fifteen-minute private moment at the end of cocktail hour and before you’re introduced into your reception. It’s true what they say–Your wedding day will fly by!

Also, if your wedding dress has a bustle that needs to be done this is a great time to do that! Pro tip: ask your caterer to have a plate of your hors d’oeuvres and cocktails waiting for you in your private moment space!

Travel time from the ceremony to the reception

If your wedding ceremony is being held at a different venue from the reception, at a church for example, then you want to factor in the time it will take to transport your guests over to the reception. If the trip takes about 15 minutes then consider adding an extra 15-30 mins to your cocktail hour. This ensures that guests won’t feel rushed, and will have a chance to visit the bar, before being asked to be seated for dinner.

Food for thought: You may want to consider having multiple buses so guests don’t have to wait for the transportation to make a round trip to the venue before they’re able to depart.

Providing a seamless transportation experience for guests ensures they’ll enjoy the overall flow of the day!

Band Break Time

If you’re having a band perform at your reception chances are, per their contract, they require a band break. Your point of contact with the band will be able to tell you when they typically like to take it and they’ll ask that you help them curate a creative playlist to have going during that short time.

Author: Monica Garcia

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