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Hap Abraham Catering venues is a wedding company that manages and caters 7 different wedding venues in Omaha. When people look back on their experience with Hap Abraham, they always tend to say the same few things.

First, the staff is amazing! They work with everyone and anyone seamlessly because they’re so prepared. They’ve worked with engaged couples for years and they know exactly how to work with any type of wedding. Hap Abraham catering venues’ staff is one of the best you can find anywhere!

Second, the atmosphere is fantastic! Every Hap Abraham Venue brings a ton of character and heart to your wedding. Each venue is extremely unique and will make any Omaha wedding photographer happy to be taking shots there.

Additionally, the food is amazing! Hap Abraham is a catering company so, in their eyes, food is a very important part of a wedding and they do NOT disappoint. Hap Abraham’s has many options to choose from food-wise. Some options are more extravagant and some more affordable, but no matter what you decide for food, you’ll be very happy.

Below is a list of seven Hap Abraham Catering Venues that you may choose from:

1316 Jones

1316 Jones is one of the two Hap Abraham’s venues named simply after it’s address. The building that now houses one of Omaha’s premiere wedding venues was originally built in 1889 as Omaha’s Bolts, Nuts and Screws building. The venue has a very unique, urban feel to it and feels very original. It’s the perfect venue for anyone who loves The Old Market. It features two different areas to serve as your ceremony, one inside and one on an outdoor deck. 1316 is a gorgeous venue worth checking out for anyone.

The Paxton

The Paxton is a very classic looking hall that features a very high ceiling, beautiful chandeliers, a stage for your Omaha DJ, and a great looking area for your head table. It has long been a beautiful building in Downtown Omaha, just think of the beauty it could bring to your wedding reception. Plus, not many wedding venues allow you to take a picture on the roof overlooking an amazing view of Downtown Omaha. The Paxton is a classic, elegant reception hall that can be pleasing to anybody and everybody.


This is a building that has actual architectural finds in it. That’s something that you can enjoy during your reception AND you can tell people for no reason other than because it makes you look awesome. Lucile’s is very open and unique wedding venue. This is not by any means an ordinary hall, it’s so creative and different and can wow any wedding guest. Additionally, it’s a very new venue. If you’d like to be different when it comes to your wedding, then Lucile’s is the perfect choice for you.

The Aspen Room

The Aspen Room is a very quant, intimate hall. Small as it may be, it far surpasses many other wedding venues of its size. This venue brings a rustic look, a fireplace at the center of the dance floor, and a classic looking bar. These things all offer a very relaxing feel to it and will make that wedding day stress melt. It can make you forget the pressure and simply focus on what’s important in the night. You can get the perfect blend of feeling nearly no pressure without sacrificing the beauty that a Hap Abraham Venue can offer.

The Pella at Blackstone

Another fairly new addition to Hap Abraham’s list of venues is The Pella at Blackstone. The hall used to be an old rustic church but has been refurbished to look like a very modern, stylish wedding venue. Blending old buildings with new modern looks seems to be a thing Hap Abraham’s has made a habit of doing, and they do it well. This venue is extremely flexible, allowing for a number of different looks depending on the couple’s preference. However, you may not want to change much since this hall brings a minimalistic, modern feel to every wedding reception.

The Club at Indian Creek

Housed in a golf club, Indian Creek is the largest of the Hap Abraham’s Venues offering the ability to host very large wedding receptions and bringing the personalization that only comes with Hap Abraham’s. No one can combine the best of both worlds better than Hap Abraham’s, they seem to do it with almost every venue. Indian Creek overlooks a very beautiful, open golf course that you can view comfortably by looking through the wall of windows at the front, or by going out on the large porch that this venue offers. With this venue, you’re able to invite everyone on your guest list and still love your venue.

One Thousand Dodge

One Thousand Dodge is at the very heart of downtown on the corner of 10th and Dodge Street. The venue has three large rooms; the dining room, dance floor/bar area, and a third room for the buffet and anything else you might want. The dining room is jaw dropping, surrounded by windows in order to eat with a view of Omaha’s city lights on a Saturday night. The dance floor is a large area with a padded floor for dancing and a bar with cocktail tables to relax when taking a break. Finally, the third room serves as a room for the buffet table during dinner, but after dinner it has served as a game room and many other awesome functions. One Thousand Dodge is a very versatile venue that brings a very modern vibe to any event.

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No matter what, you’ll never be disappointed with any of these options. All venues provide fantastic atmospheres, great food, and an unbelievably great staff. Hap Abraham venues will provide any wedding with an outstanding experience. If you’re getting married in Omaha, there is no better choice than to go with a Hap Abraham venue.


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