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2021 Wedding Trends


There’s no question that 2020 was one for the books when it came to having a wedding. As we’re headed into 2021’s wedding seasons, you may be wondering what those will look like! Keep reading to learn about the trends for this wedding season.


2021 Wedding Trends

Small Scale Vs. Larger Scale

We’re starting to see a decline in couple’s overall guest counts. Brides and grooms are now going from “large weddings” of 200 plus people to 75-150 people. This of course, does not stop the wedding of your dreams from happening! These receptions consist of the couple’s closest friends and family who are going to be on the dance floor all night long. Because guest counts are decreasing, couples are now able to focus their money and energy on the things they want to, such as: venue, food, DJ, photography and videography.


Videography is a MUST

Wedding photography has always been an important service, but so many couples now want to be able to watch the raw emotions over and over again. Another reason to add wedding videography to your list of must-haves is because of the uncertainty that the pandemic has brought. Brides and grooms now want to ensure that they have something to look back on and are able to share in case their family/friends aren’t able to make it!

Say Goodbye to the Receiving Line

According to many wedding industry experts, the receiving line is going to be a thing of the past and will become less common as the year goes on. With Covid-19 weddings, many couples are not comfortable using this way to thank all of their guests.

Pops of Color are Poppin!

While white and greenery are still gorgeous color palettes to use this year, and the wedding industry experts from The Knot are seeing bright and happy colors used in stationary, floral, dresses, decor, etc. Read more about specific colors on the Knot.

No matter the trends, remember that your special day is what YOU want it to be! Enjoy the planning process and the day of your wedding! The most important thing is that you get to marry your best friend and look back on these memories for years to come!

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