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Should you do a first look?

One of the most common wedding questions, do we break tradition or stay the course? Trust me, we get it, a traditional wedding is such an important thing for most couples. We have your back no matter you decide to do, it’s your wedding day and we want you to feel comfortable with how you have chosen to see it through! But if you are looking for a wedding professional’s opinion on what to do during your planning process let us weigh in our thoughts on a first look and see if it is a good fit for you.

First Looks:

In case you are wondering what this means, this is where the bride and groom will see each other on their big day before their wedding ceremony. Originally thought to be taboo this is actually a widely practiced event which can be a big moment for you. Roughly 40% of the 15,000 weddings we as a company do a year have first looks. Here’s a list of reasons for you to consider:

Either way, you will get great and memorable wedding photos but our mission doesn’t stop there. Our goal is to completely take the stress off you during one of the best days of your life, which is why we highly suggest a first look. Check out some our first look moments and see for yourself!